Technology and Society

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Technology and Society by Mind Map: Technology and Society

1. Cyclical co-dependence of Society on Technology

1.1. Technology cause concerns to people

1.1.1. Poor application resulted The pollution of the environment

1.2. Technology and Human life cannot be seperated

1.2.1. Depending on technology Our Daily life Our Needs and Wants

1.2.2. Demands for technology keep on rising to: Live in comfort Travel Communicate Learn Do business

2. Effect of Technology

2.1. Positive Effect

2.1.1. Mechanized Agriculture

2.1.2. Improve Transportation

2.1.3. Improve Communication

2.1.4. Improved Education and Learning Process

2.2. Negative Effect

2.2.1. Resource Depletion

2.2.2. Increased Pollution

2.2.3. Increased Popullation

2.2.4. Climate Change