The Informed Citizen

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The Informed Citizen by Mind Map: The Informed Citizen

1. MISSION: "To foster open discourse and analysis on political, economic, and social topics in the hopes of challenging people to think critically about the complex issues that affect the world."

1.1. SHARE THE MISSION: Facebook, Website, Twitter

1.2. TOPICS:

1.2.1. Environment Politics Law and the Courts

2. Facebook: social share, article shares, opinion shares, food for thought, pictures and videos to get people thinking, questions to ponder, podcasts, new topics each week

3. Twitter: keep this mysterious, short and sweet. This is just a means to direct folks to our Facebook and website.

4. Website: TBD but perhaps blog style

5. These topics are not exclusive!

6. YouTube: way down the road...but would be really cool! Interview important people and "inform" citizens :)

7. Civilized Debate in an Uncivilized World!