Place of articulation

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Place of articulation by Mind Map: Place of articulation

1. labio-dental:

1.1. Top teeth and bottom lip, as in /f/ and /v/

1.2. example

1.2.1. Favor.

2. Bilabial

2.1. Both lips are used as the articulators. Examples are the initial consonants [p], [b] and [m]

2.1.1. Example

2.1.2. PIN, BIN and MAN.

3. Alveolar

3.1. tip of the tongue touching the gum (alveolar) ridge, as in /t/ and /d/

3.1.1. example

3.1.2. Tap and debt

4. Dental tongue:

4.1. behind or between the teeth, as in /θ/ and /ð/

4.1.1. Example

4.2. Thing and this

4.2.1. Employee

4.2.2. Employee

5. Post-alveolar

5.1. Tip of the tongue falling just behind the gum ridge before the hardpalate in /ʃ/and /ʒ/.

5.2. Example

5.3. Ship and vision

6. Palatal:

6.1. Front of the tongue raised to hard palate, as in /j/

6.2. Example

6.3. Yet

7. Velar

7.1. Back of the tongue raised to the soft palate, as in /k/and /g/

7.1.1. Example king and ring

8. Glottal

8.1. In the glottis, the opening of the vocal cords as in /h/

8.1.1. Example hat