Place of Articulation

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Place of Articulation by Mind Map: Place of Articulation

1. Is the location at which two speech organs approach or come together inproducing a speech sound.

1.1.  Bilabial

1.1.1. Is when you produce a sound to putting your lips together. • /p/ as in “purse” and “rap“

1.2.  Labio-Dental

1.2.1. Is when you cut the airflow to putting your superior teeth with your inferior lips. • /v/ as in “vine” and “have”

1.3.  Dental

1.3.1. Is when you stop the air to putting your tongue on your teeth. • /ð/ as in “the” and “rather”

1.4.  Alveolar

1.4.1. Is where your teeth meet your gums • /d/ as in “dip” and “bad“

1.5.  Post-Alveolar

1.5.1. Theses sound are produced with words where you put your tongue between your superiors teeth and hard palate or your inferior teeth. • /tʃ/ as in “chick” or “match”

1.6.  Palatal

1.6.1. Is when you put your tongue near of the palatal and let run a little bit of air. • /j/ as in “yes” and “bayou”

1.7.  Velar

1.7.1. These sounds are produced when you touch the soft palate with your tongue and make the following sound. • /g/ as in “good” and “bug“

1.8.  Glottal

1.8.1. There are consonants using the glottis as their primary articulation. • /h/ as in “hi” and “Bahamas