Cycles Of Matter

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Cycles Of Matter by Mind Map: Cycles Of Matter

1. The Oxygen Cycle

1.1. The Oxygen Cycle is very important because oxygen is as important as water and food, one of the many process to create oxygen is the photosynthesis.

2. The Carbon Cycle

2.1. All organisms contain carbon, some get from food, others from atmosphere like plants.

2.1.1. Carbon in Soil When organisms decompose carbon enter in the soil, carbon compounds in the soil release carbon dioxide.

2.1.2. Carbon in Air When sugar is broken it release as a by-product so the carbon dioxide enter in the atmosphere where it can be used

2.1.3. The Greenhouse Effect The Green House Effect is when the carbon dioxide absorbs thermal energy from the Sun keeps Earth warm.

3. The Nitrogen Cycle

3.1. Nitrogen is a part of protein, which all organisms need to stay alive, is also important to the DNA

3.1.1. From the Environment to Organisms The process that changes atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogen compound that are usable by living things is called nitrogen fixation.

3.1.2. From Organisms to the Environment Nitrogen also appears at tissues of dead organism or waste products of organism.

4. How does matter move in e

4.1. Elements that move trough one matter cycle may also play a role in another, such as oxygen's role in water cycle

4.1.1. The Water Cycle Water continually from Earth to its atmosphere and back again. This is called Water Cycle

4.1.2. Evaporation Evaporation is the process during which liquid water changes into a gas called water vapor

4.1.3. Condensation Condensation Is the process which water water vapor changes into liquid water.

4.1.4. Precipitation Water that falls from clouds to Earth's surface is called precipitation