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Place of Articulation by Mind Map: Place of Articulation

1. Labiodental

1.1. The sound is articulated by the lower lip and with the upper teeth.

1.1.1. /f/ as in “fro” and “calf“ /v/ as in “vine” and “have”

2. Alveolar

2.1. Is produced when you raise your tongue to the alveolar ridge to block airflow.

2.1.1. /n/ as in “man“ /t/ as in “rat“ /d/ as in “bad“ /s/ as in “suit” /z/ as in “jazz“ /l/ as in “luck” ”

3. Glottal

3.1. is produced occur in the glottis, causing friction and not vibrating.

3.1.1. [h] "happy" and "heat"

4. Post-alveolar

4.1. The tip and rims of the tongue articulate with the rear part of alveolar ridge.

4.1.1. [ʃ], present in a word like sheep, and [ʒ], found in a word like occasion.

5. Retroflex

5.1. The tip of tongue is curled back and articulates with the alveolar.

5.1.1. the [ɻʷ]. It occurs in /r/ followed by a vowel such a red and real

6. Bilabial

6.1. The articulation is produced with the help of the two lower and upper lips.

6.1.1. /b/ as in “back” and “cab“

7. Dental

7.1. The articulation is produced with the tip of the tongue articulates with the back or lower of the upper teeth.

7.1.1. /θ/ as is “thick” and “bath“ /ð/ as in “the” and “rather”

8. Velar

8.1. Is produced by the back of the tongue with the soft palate.

8.1.1. /ŋ/ as in “going” /k/ as in “back“ /g/ as in “good” /w/ as in “howard”

9. Uvular

9.1. The articulation is produced with the back of the tongue and part of the soft palate, including the uvula.

9.1.1. has the uvular sound [ʁ] , roux

10. Palatal

10.1. The articulation is produced by front of tongue articulate with the hard palate.

10.1.1. /j/ as in “yes” and “bayou”