Place of Articulation

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Place of Articulation by Mind Map: Place of Articulation

1. Alveolar: [al-vee-uh-ler]

1.1. Is an articulated with the tongue touching or close to the alveolar ridge

1.1.1. for example: "TIME, DINNER, SIX, ZOO, LIVE, NO, READ"

2. Labiodental: [ley-bee-oh-den-tl]

2.1. Articulated with the lower lip touching the upper front teeth, the f or v, or, rarely, with the upper lip touching the lower front teeth, for the sound be notorious for the moment for pronunciation

2.1.1. for example: "FIVE, VERY",

3. Glottal:[glot-l]

3.1. it is the sound peculiar that produce with a close quickly vocal cords bringing a sound plosive or stop in the pronunciation

3.1.1. for example: "HELLO, HIGH"

4. post-alveolar

4.1. It has a vibratory sound to be pronounced to make known a word with this type of phonetic accentuation but seldom we can identify this sound.

4.1.1. for example: "SHIP, CHIP, VISION"

5. Velar: [vee-ler]

5.1. Articulate with the back of the tongue held close or touching the soft palate, This sound can be identified since its pronunciation is with strong tone.

5.1.1. for example: "KILO, GO, SING, RICH, READ"

6. Bilabial: [bahy-ley-bee-uh l]

6.1. Is the union of the lower lip with the upper lip, it can be said that both lips are active at the moment of articulating a bilabial word

6.1.1. Adjective: produced with the lips close together or touching: the lips touch at one phase of the production of the bilabial consonants p, b, and m; they do not for the bilabial w.

6.1.2. Noun: a bilabial speech sound.

6.1.3. for example: " BED,PIG, MILK, WOMAN"

7. Definition: The disposition of the organs of voice in the pronunciations each of the sound produced for the language to give to know to sound of accentuation to word.

8. Dental Or Interdental : [den-tl] or [in-ter-den-tl]

8.1. Is the contact between the upper front teeth with the tip of the tongue. and maybe Articulated with the tip of the tongue between the upper and lower front teeth, the fricatives (th̸) and (th) of thy and thigh.

8.1.1. some example: " THING, THE AND OTHERS"