Place of articulation

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Place of articulation by Mind Map: Place of articulation

1. Are the places of the human mouth where the constrictions and obstructions of air occur.

2. -Bilabial: Occur when you block/constrict airflow out of the mouth by bringing your lips together. Ex /p/ as in "purse"/b/ as in "back"/m/as in "mad"

3. -Labio-Dental: Occur when you block/constrict airflow by curling your lower lip back and raising it to touch your upper row of teeth. Ex /f/ as in"fro" /v/ as in ""vine"

4. -Dental: Is when you block/constrict airflow by placing your slimy tongue against your upper teeth. Ex:/θ/ as is "thick" /ð/ in "the"

5. -Alveolar: Is where your teeth meet your gums. Ex:/n/ in "no" /t/ in "tab" /d/ in "dip"

6. -Post-Alveolar: When you retract your tongue back just a bit from the alveolar ridge. Ex/ʃ/ in shoot /ʒ/ in "vision"

7. -Palatal: Occur when you raise the thongue to this point and constrict airflow. Ex/j/ in "yes" and "bayou"

8. -Velar: yOU Make velar consonant when you raise the back of your tongue to the velum to block or restrict airflow. Ex/ŋ/ in "going" and "uncle"

9. -Glottal: Inhale and then hold your breath for a few seconds while keeping your mouth open. Ex:/h/ in "Bahamas"