Energy and Energy Sources in the world

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Energy and Energy Sources in the world by Mind Map: Energy and Energy Sources in the world

1. Renewable

1.1. Solar Energy

1.1.1. Solar Energy is great to use in very sunny areas.

1.1.2. equatorIf we build more Solar Energy plants near equater we will get much more solar energy throughout the world and could be a new way to stop the pollution in the air.

1.1.3. In the US, it would make sense to build more solar Energy stations in states like California, Arizona, and New Mexico. These three states have the most sunshine year around.

1.2. Wind Power

1.2.1. Wind power is slowly growing to be one of the main sources of energy in some areas as the Columbia gorge. As you drive down the Columbia river you will notice a lot of windmills spinning fast. That is how they collect energy.

1.2.2. It is hard to make wind power more sustainable because if there is no wind then it cannot collect wind.

1.3. Geothermal Energy

1.3.1. Is used straight from the earth. Geothermal powerplants by collecting heat from below the earths surface. This is a very expensive way to get energy.

1.3.2. Only renewable source that can potentially hurt the environment.

1.3.3. US is leading the world in Geothermal Energy with the phillipenes more than 1600 megawatts back. Only the western states have Geothermal Power Generation.

1.4. Hydroelectric

1.4.1. One of the most used energy sources in the world. China has the most dams in the world so they lead but the US is slowly growing to use more dams on rivers to use less nonrenewable energy.

1.4.2. Only so many places you can build Dams because of where the rivers are located and how putting up a dam would affect the environment.

1.4.3. China leads the world in Hydroelectic power by a large Margin. 27% of the worlds Hydro electric power is from china. With the next largest is Brazil with 8.5%. The US is currently 3rd with 7.5%.

2. Pollution

2.1. 1. China 7711 Million tons. 2. US 5425 million tons. 3. India 1602 Million tons

3. 164 Countries had defined renewable energy targets by early 2015

4. Nonrenewable

4.1. Fossil Fuels

4.1.1. Number one energy source used in the world China and the US lead the way in using the Fossil fuels. But China is out using the US by a wide margain. It is the number one energy source because of the price. It is not that expensive compared to the other options. This is how some countries make money because they sell there oil and coal for cheap to countries like the US and China.

4.1.2. US coal production is down in the US because we are trying to find new ways not to hurt the environment.

4.2. Natural Gas

4.2.1. Number two most used energy in the world.

4.2.2. Projecting to pass Coal production by 2050.

4.3. Nuclear Energy

4.3.1. 5th most used energy in the world Nuclear energy has leveled out in recent years because people are concerned it is to dangerous and it is very spendy to keep a power plant running.