GTLC Inside Epic

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GTLC Inside Epic by Mind Map: GTLC Inside Epic


1.1. Living/Housing

1.1.1. Rules regarding drugs (federal land=big no no)

1.1.2. No drones

1.1.3. NPS is police

1.1.4. Distance from town (banks, doctors, grocery stores)

1.1.5. What kind of stuff to bring (clothing, toiletries, bug spray, sunscreen, flashlight, etc.)

1.1.6. Section to submit a living related complaint/issue

1.2. Shuttle

1.2.1. Shuttle schedule

1.2.2. Map of shuttle stops

1.2.3. Arrival shuttle sign up

1.3. Property Maps

1.3.1. JLL Employee Village

1.3.2. Colter Employee Village

1.3.3. Jenny Employee Village

1.3.4. Flagg Employee Village

1.3.5. Inside JLL (where offices are, EDR, uniform pick up, etc.)

1.3.6. Shuttle stops (on all property maps)

1.3.7. Smoking areas(?)

1.3.8. Map of employee RV park (with site numbers listed)

1.4. Employee Villages

1.4.1. JLL Whistle Pig EDR menu and hours Mailing addresses Smoking areas/regulations Alcohol policy Where to check into your room Where computers are available What the village provides/don't provide

1.4.2. CBV

1.4.3. JNY

1.4.4. FRC


2.1. Rec. Director

2.1.1. Rec. activities calendar

2.1.2. Picture of them

2.1.3. Mini bio./get to know them

2.2. Events/Activities

2.2.1. Rec. director activities

2.2.2. Company sponsored activities (rendezvous)

2.2.3. Local/community events

2.2.4. Green Team

2.2.5. Pig schedule (karaoke, trivia, pool tournaments, etc.)

2.2.6. Suggestion box

2.3. Outdoor Safety

2.3.1. Animal attractants

2.3.2. Animal safety

2.3.3. Visitor Centers/Ranger Stations locations

2.3.4. Don't hike alone, carry bear spray, etc.

2.4. Calendars

2.4.1. Rec. director activities

2.4.2. Green Team

2.4.3. Local Events

2.4.4. Company sponsored event/open and closing dates for outlets and locations

2.4.5. Training calendar

2.4.6. Pay days


3.1. Who's Who

3.1.1. Bios


3.1.3. Pictures

3.1.4. All year-round staff (organized by department)

3.1.5. Seasonal managers (?)

3.2. Document/Form Library

3.2.1. Section to submit a work related complaint/issue (Google form)

3.2.2. Form about free mental health help

3.2.3. How to read your paycheck/pay stub

3.2.4. What are your pay options/how to sign up for them


3.3. Recognition

3.3.1. Online form to nominate someone (Google form)

3.3.2. Lists/pictures of everyone who has received a pin

3.4. Rules/Regulations

3.4.1. Grooming standards

3.4.2. Must clock in and out

3.4.3. How to use a timeclock

3.4.4. Drug policy/testing

4. HR

4.1. Development

4.1.1. Career development classes

4.1.2. Other free training we may offer

4.1.3. Calendars

4.2. Recognition

4.2.1. Online form to nominate someone

4.2.2. Lists/pictures of everyone who has received a pin

4.3. Training

4.3.1. Manager training calendar/sign up

4.3.2. Time and Labor training schedule/sign up

4.4. Getting Involved

4.4.1. IG feed (staff getting involved it the community, green team, working and heling guests, etc.)

4.4.2. TetonTales IG page

4.5. Contact

4.5.1. HR email

4.5.2. HR phone number

4.5.3. Lodge mailing address

4.5.4. Vail Benefits phone number

5. Footer

5.1. Manager's Corner

5.1.1. Forms SIS Off-Cycle Check Request Coaching Disciplinary Document/Form Library

5.1.2. Quality Meetings Schedule Notes from previous meetings Weekly quality report Audit date

5.1.3. Manager Meetings Schedule Notes/recognitions from previous ones What to expect/what's being discussed in the upcoming meeting

5.2. J1 Corner

5.2.1. SS trip info

5.2.2. last paycheck info

5.2.3. switching jobs and picking up shifts info

5.2.4. FAQs

5.3. Contact

5.3.1. Phone list (general department numbers)

5.3.2. texting sign up

5.4. VR Info

6. Global Header

6.1. Tools/resources

6.1.1. I accidentally deleted this - will put the list back in

6.2. Moosnort archives

6.2.1. JLL one

6.2.2. Colter one