Programming to be done

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Programming to be done by Mind Map: Programming to be done

1. Gear Pocket

1.1. intake roller

1.2. pivot (potentiometer)

1.2.1. potentiometer installed

1.2.2. calibrate pot

2. Ball Intake Shooter

2.1. Encoder for shooter wheels

2.2. Ramp in/out

2.2.1. potentiometer/limit

3. Ball Intake Roller

3.1. possibly two motors

3.1.1. slaved

4. Elevator

4.1. 2 motors

4.1.1. Slaved opposite

4.2. Current Sensor?

5. Vision

5.1. pull summary statistics from contours

5.2. Figure out how to use data

5.2.1. size of contours for distance

5.2.2. offset from desired target at zero distance calc value that gives how far from centre robot is

6. Development Strategy

6.1. Have experienced developer get subsystem working

6.2. Have new developer shadow development

6.3. Once functional code is working have new developer fine tune the subsystem.