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1. Get the Big Picture: Introduction by Mind Map: 1. Get the Big Picture:
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1. Get the Big Picture: Introduction

1.8 To go further / Bibliography

1.7 Homework"Dinner at Home"

Your job in 1.7

A. Introduction video

Dinner at Home: an exercise

Instructions 1

B. Homework

Instructions 2

Peer assessment

1.6 The Big Picture

A. Summarizing the Big Picture

The Big Picture (first version)

B. The Big Picture (visual)

C. An exercise

MCQ 'The Crèche'

1.5 STEP 3 - Favorable winds The Supply Chain Decisions

Your job in 1.5

A. What is important in the Supply Chain of MyBaby?

The 3 "most important" questions?

Survey "wood supply"

Survey "processing"

Supply Chain Key Questions

B. The 5 functional boxes in SCM: Global view

5 main groups of SCM questions

C. The 5 functional boxes in SCM: Details

(1) The Supply Box

(2) The Production Box

(3) The Distribution Box

(4) The Return Box

(5) 5he Logistics Box

D. The transverse boxes in SCM

Transversal questions

1.4 STEP 2 - How to sail... The Company Specifications

Your job in 1.4

A. The Company Specifications

The Company Specifications

B. Other values for MyBaby?

Discussion 'Values for MyBaby'

1.3 STEP 1 - Where to sail... The Business Target

Your job in 1.3

A. The Lunch case

The Lunch Case

Wordcloud 'Why this specific place?"

B. Answers to the Lunch case

Answers to the Lunch Case

C. 4 Micro Attributes for MyBaby?

MCQ '4 Micro Attributes'

D. Teacher's answer for the Micro Attributes of MyBaby

Answers to Micro Attributes

E. The Macro Attributes

The Macro Attributes

1.2 The Seneca 3-STEP Model

Your job in 1.2

Debriefing of MyBaby with the Seneca 3-step Model

The 3-step Model

The 3-step Model

1.1 MyBabyDreamsInColors

Your job in 1.1

A. The Supply Chain of MyBaby

MyBaby: Introduction and Questions

B. 3 questions

Wordclouds 'Source from Russia'

Wordclouds 'Process in Estonia'

Discussion 'Distribution Centers'

C. Teacher's answer to the 3 questions

MyBaby: Answers

1.0 Overview Module 1


Learning Objectives