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ex-RELEX K4-PAIE by Mind Map: ex-RELEX K4-PAIE
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Please note that all the seven posts of the pay sector of ex-Relex K4 have been transferred to the PMO. There is, therefore, no more pay sector in the EEAS, though the authorization of payment has remained within the EEAS. This diagram attempts to graph where the tasks have been transferred.

1. Movements

Previous situation

A list of movements was printed from SYSPER and reflected in the pay system through opening and closing of the pay and accounts. Adjustments were made taking into account the Taking of Duty form. The "delegation period flag" was adjusted in Sysper at the time of the pay system adjustement.

Current situation

SYSPER update, Whereas sysper updates was done through K3 and HR previously, the situation is considerably more complex now., EEAS Staff at HQ, Relex I.1., EEAS Staff in Delegations, K3/HR, Commission Staff in Delegation, K3/HR

Delegation Period Flag, Whereas this was updated by the pay sector in Sysper at the time of opening/closing of the pay, this flag is currently not updated, creating considerable problems of salary not paid and wrong budget allocated. See attached e-mail. It should be updated together with the update of movements in Sysper.

NAP update, Done by the K4 pay sector before, is now done by the PMO, EEAS Staff at HQ, PMO EEAS, EEAS Staff in Delegations, PMO EEAS, Commission Staff in Delegation, PMO1, Relex I1 starts to get organized regarding the transmission of information to the PMO, but there still is a serious problem of information transmission between K3/HR and the PMO. The PMO is dependent upon this information for the payment of salaries.

Opening and updating of accounts, Done between K4 and DG Budg before, now done by the PMO8 on the basis of information provided the respective institutions, Creation/Closure, EEAS, HQ, Relex I.1., recruitment/assignation, closure/return to Brussels, Delegations, K3/HR, recruitment/assignation, closure/return to Brussels, Commission, Delegations, PMO1/HR, recruitment/assignation, closure/return to Brussels, Modifications, Individuals concerned, Note: there is no reasons modifications of accounts not related to movements transit through the services above. This is purely a technical matter that should be dealt between the individual concerned and the PMO8, Note: it is of prime importance that accounts be validated before updating the pay system (NAP). The PMO should ensure that this has been done at the time of encoding.

2. Payment in Local Currency


Previous situation, The request was sent, in percentage, to the fonctional mailbox, upon which the pay system (NAP) was updated directly after AIPN decision

Current situation, Request in percentage to the PMO EEAS functional mailbox (for EEAS staff) or the PMO1 (for Commission staff), A global AIPN decision has been made to automatically grant all requests below 80%, so the PMO does not need to request it one by one anymore, unless it's a special case. However, a copy of the request is sent to the EEAS Liaison PMO mailbox for information., The PMO checks the existence and validity of the M.A.D. account (Mise à Disposition) and requests its creation to the PMO8 if necessary., Note: it is primordial that the MAD account exists and is valid before encoding the request, otherwise the amounts will go on the waiting account and the person won't be able to receive his/her salary., If the MAD Account exists and has been validated, the PMO encodes the request in the "Saisie Relex" screen of NAP and inform the person as to the month it will be effective.

Weightings (coefficients correcteurs)

Previous situation, After Commission decision, information as to the new weightings and exchange rates was communicated by the Weightings Sector of K4 to the Pay Sector and changes made for each country concerned in the pay system (NAP). Individual adjustements were made were necessary. An mipact estimate on the budget was prepared by the Pay Sector for the Weighting Secteur, to be communicated back to DG BUDG.

Current situation, Encoding by country, PMO NAP Support, Information is communicated directly from the K4 Weightings Sector to the PMO NAP Support who makes the adjustments in NAP., Individual adjustments, EEAS, PMO EEAS, A list of individual adjustments that need to be made is communicated by the PMO NAP Support to the PMO EEAS sector for encoding in NAP. If negative, the first six months have to be pardonned., Commission, PMO1, Idem as for the PMO EEAS above, Budget Impact Estimate, Calculated by the PMO EEAS in direct collaboration of the Weightings Sector in K4.

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