Steps for successful LMS implementation

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Steps for successful LMS implementation by Mind Map: Steps for successful LMS implementation

1. Preliminary steps

1.1. Assemble the Team

1.1.1. Core Team Roles Team Leader Project Manager eLearning Technology Specialist Extended Team: eLearning Training Administrator Extended Team: Admin IT Specialist Extended Team: IT

1.2. Establish the timeframe

2. Implementation

2.1. Planning

2.1.1. Planning is critical, not just at the outset of the project, but throughout. As the project proceeds, unanticipated needs and challenges will emerge. We will need to continually expand and refine your project plan.

2.2. LMS Configuration

2.2.1. User profiles

2.2.2. Domains and audiences

2.2.3. Administrator security roles

2.2.4. Course catalogue and metadata

2.2.5. Course and curriculum structures

2.2.6. Evaluations and assessments

2.2.7. Competencies

2.2.8. Notifications

2.2.9. Reports

2.3. Systems Integration

2.3.1. Systems containing user accounts and profiles

2.3.2. Single sign-on

2.3.3. Portal

2.3.4. Enterprise search

2.4. Course and data migration

2.4.1. Data retention policy

2.4.2. User data

2.4.3. Standards-based courseware migration

2.4.4. Course data migration

2.4.5. Transcript migration

2.4.6. Migration stages

2.5. User acceptance testing

2.6. Go Live

2.6.1. Helpdesk preparation

2.6.2. Blackout period