Trauma Informed Care in the West Philadelphia Promise Zone

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Trauma Informed Care in the West Philadelphia Promise Zone by Mind Map: Trauma Informed Care in the  West Philadelphia Promise Zone

1. Federal Goverment: High Stakes- Medium Power

1.1. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration six key principles of a trauma-informed approach

1.2. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development Promise Zone Initiative and funding

2. Local Media: Low Stakes- High Power

3. Healthcare Providers: Low Stakes- Medium Power

3.1. screening

3.2. treatment and recovery

4. Schools (in Phila. school district): Medium Stakes- Medium Power

4.1. "cradle to career" health/wellness promotion

5. Faith-based organizations: Medium Stakes- Medium Power

5.1. religious leaders (AKA community leaders)

6. Community members: High Stakes- Medium Power

6.1. women and children- primary intervention targets

6.2. other family members

6.3. friends/neighbors/community leaders

7. Places/Entities for Advocacy: High Stakes- Medium Power

7.1. recreation centers

7.2. libraries

7.3. People's Emergency Center

8. City Government: High Stakes- Medium Power

8.1. child welfare programs

8.2. shelters/food programs

9. Universities: Low Stakes- Medium Power

9.1. Drexel

9.2. Penn

9.2.1. Public health classes (like ours!)

10. Philadelphia Department of Public Health: High Stakes- High Power

11. Researchers: Medium Stakes- Medium Power

12. Healthcare Systems: Medium Stakes- High Power

13. Behavioral Health Committee, Philadelphia Promise Zone: High Stakes-Medium Power

13.1. Greater Philadelphia Health Action, Inc. (Kevin)

13.2. Wordsworth (Stephanie)

14. Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services (DBHIDS): High Stakes - High Power

15. Phila./PA/US Taxpayers: Medium Stake-Low Power