The Grammar Translation Method

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The Grammar Translation Method by Mind Map: The Grammar Translation Method

1. Goals:

1.1. To enable students to read, translate and comprehend written texts in the source language.

2. Innovative or traditional? It is traditional because:

2.1. It has been used by language teachers for many years. It was called the classical method

2.2. Generally speaking, it is the most common method used in schools and other institutions.

3. Advantages & Disadvantages

3.1. Advantages

3.1.1. It is helpful for beginners

3.1.2. Vocabulary and grammar are emphasized

3.2. Disadvantages

3.2.1. It is focused only in 2 macro abilities reading and writing

3.2.2. Speaking and listening receives little attention

3.2.3. Fossilization

4. Techniques

4.1. Memorization

4.1.1. Acquirement of vocabulary

4.1.2. Grammatical rules

4.1.3. Use of words in sentences

4.1.4. Cognates

4.1.5. Synonyms and antonyms

4.1.6. Fill in the blanks.

4.2. Translation

4.2.1. Translation of paragraphs

4.2.2. Reading and comprehend texts

5. What it is?

5.1. The grammar translation method is a method of foreign or second language teaching which uses the translation and the grammar study as the main teaching and learning activities.

6. Importance

6.1. It helps the students to understand the English in an easier way, specially when the students are begginers.

7. It is effective?

7.1. It represents an important tool to help students to comprehend English much better

7.2. If teachers abuse too much of it, it could become a problem to them. English requires practice

7.3. It stimulates students´ participation