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1. Happiness

1.1. You pass a good times.

1.2. Even when you are sad, your friend will do everything for see you happy.

2. Confidence

2.1. Trust

2.2. Sincerity

2.3. Respect

3. Envy

3.1. Sometimes we feel envy because we want all have the other person,

3.2. When that person is so happy and we don´t.

4. Support

4.1. Must to have company

4.2. Besides, we must to help them even the things are hard or easy

4.3. Help on each other

4.4. Good team

5. Listening

5.1. Listen to all the problems

5.2. Listen to all the adivces

5.3. Be attentive

6. Honest

6.1. No lies

6.2. Don´t must have two faces

6.3. Don´t to be a treacherous

7. Comunication

7.1. Good relation with them

7.2. Constructive critiscim

8. Patience

8.1. Must to have tranquility

8.2. Comprehension

9. Love

9.1. Good feelings

9.2. Give love like that person was of your family