Indefinite Articles (A - An)

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Indefinite Articles (A - An) by Mind Map: Indefinite Articles (A - An)

1. When the word begins with a consonant you must use 'a'.

2. that is an umbrella

3. He is a Singer

4. my dad is an agronomist

5. Gerson travels in a new car .

6. A) For class members. We use a / an with a name or noun to talk about a member of a class.


8. B) To Describe. We use a / an when we describe people or things

9. Example One:

10. Articles A/AN

11. Example Two:

12. Rule of Articles A / AN

13. When the word begins with a vowel (a, e, i, or, u), then you should use 'an' as it sounds better and you hear more appropriate when you say it.