G.U.T.S. Sales Mastery: The Strategies Workshop

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G.U.T.S. Sales Mastery: The Strategies Workshop by Mind Map: G.U.T.S. Sales Mastery: The Strategies Workshop

1. Recap (5)

1.1. Recap of what we learned today

1.2. What's coming next

1.2.1. Bonus Workshop #2: Text Your Way To Deals (with Yassin Shaar) Discover how to generate 4 to 7 PRE-QUALIFIED seller leads, PER DAY, for FREE - just by simply sending text messages All you need is a cell phone and a number. That's it! This is the ultimate "guerilla marketing" strategy you can use to get seller leads on demand I'll even show you how to outsource the whole process for $3/hour

1.3. Next Steps

1.3.1. Schedule a call with Yassin to get your feedback on the training and get a BONUS Q&A sessions (as a thank you)

1.3.2. Create your account in the membership site (you should have received an email about it)

1.3.3. Watch the webinar again

1.3.4. Share your #1 biggest takeaway or aha moment in the Facebook group

1.3.5. Roleplay with a GUTS Accountability Partner (Practice strategies)

1.3.6. Make at least 5 phone calls every day

2. What you're going to learn today (2)

2.1. Discover how to aggressively negotiate and structure "CASH OFFERS" for the LOWEST purchase price and best terms.

2.2. Discover how to wholesale NICE houses, in GREAT neighborhoods even with LOW equity (Lease Options - my favorite strategy)

2.3. Discover how to structure owner finance deals for maximum revenue

2.4. Discover how to convert "dead" leads and get paid for simply CONSULTING

2.5. and MUCH more

3. Intro (5)

3.1. Here's where we are and what we have coming up

3.1.1. The G.U.T.S. Method Masterclass

3.1.2. The "Agenda" Workshop

3.1.3. The "Qualification" Workshop

3.1.4. The "Close" Workshop

3.1.5. Bonus Workshop #1: The G.U.T.S. Strategies Workshop

3.1.6. Bonus Workshop #2: Text Your Way To Deals (with Yassin Shaar)

3.2. Catch up on homework

3.2.1. Did watch the webinar again?

3.2.2. Did you roleplay with a GUTS Accountability Partner?

3.2.3. Did you make at least 5 phone calls every day?

3.2.4. If you only do these 3 "homeworks" every week, you'll be on your way to mastering G.U.T.S.

4. Ground Rules (2)

4.1. Engage in the Facebook Group

4.2. Practice. Practice. Practice.

4.3. Recording will be available after the call (we'll email it to you)

5. The Strategies (40)

5.1. Quick recap of the 3 Steps "Success Staircase"

5.1.1. %3-10% Assignment Fee

5.1.2. Agenda (Roleplay) Permission to Ask questions Roadmap You can fire me

5.1.3. Qualification (Roleplay) Needs & Greeds Time Money Authority Character

5.1.4. Close (Roleplay) Confirm Change Close

5.2. Why

5.2.1. Biggest mistakes amateur investors & wholesalers make Not having enough strategies Just like a carpenter have a toolbelt, your strategies are the tools The right tool, for the right job KISS - keep it simple, don't use jargon! They don't send a WRITTEN offer (letter of intent) They're not consistent in their follow up Thin profit margins - RUN the numbers upfront

5.2.2. Strategies are the solutions to the seller

5.2.3. Customize strategy based on your conversation with seller (think on your feet)

5.2.4. So you can maximize revenue/leverage and satisfy the seller's need/motivation do they need money? do they want cash flow? do they want want out? etc.

5.3. What & How

5.3.1. Strategy #1: Lease Options Why My favorite strategy Leverage There's HUGE buyer demand for lease purchase Test Drive The Property VERY little competition Cash Flow upfront, in the middle, and at the end This is true creative real estate! When Property has little equity Nice properties in nice neighborhoods (Optional) when there's enough spread on the rent price (sandwich lease options) Seller Motivation How Sandwich Lease Options Arbitrage Lease Options Analyze the deal Formula Example Wholesale lease Options (Tenant) Sandwich Lease Options

5.3.2. Strategy #2: Cash Offer Why Cash is King Immediate relieve of pain to the seller Easiest strategy to execute (especially when you're getting started) UR in Control Speed is the essence of this startegy Helluva lotta FUN When Property has sufficient equity Needs repairs (not a requirement) Seller Motivation How Pull up comps in the area Formula Straight purchase (as an investor) Arbitrage / Wholesale Example Listing Price = $150,000 Mortgage Balance = $50,000 Comps in the area (avg.) = $145,000 Repairs = $10,000 Maximum Allowable Offer Let's roleplay the deal

5.3.3. Strategy #3: Owner Finance Why Leverage OPM = Other People's Money Less Cash Upfront Less Legal Liability 1 on 1 Deals-No Third-Party When Wants FULL price Insufficient Equity Highly Motivated High EQ How This is a "terms" play Subject-to Free & Clear Book recommendation Example Subject-to Free & Clear

5.3.4. Strategy #4: Consulting Why Alternative Strategy with No Competition Instant Cash Flow Generator Identifies you as an online expert All Online / No Geographic Limitations Convert "dead" leads No Overhead When Identified that there's no way to monetize the lead Geographic Limitations How How to identify the problem Deliverables How to negotiate your fee Contract Roleplay