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Business in a Box by Mind Map: Business in a Box

1. Advertising

1.1. Day 19 - Create Ad Campaign

1.1.1. Ad Platforms Zillow Ads Trulia Ads Craigslist Facebook Ads

1.1.2. Research Traffic

1.1.3. Create Ads Banner Text Image Ad

1.2. Day 20 - Advertise on Facebook

1.2.1. Grab Your Facebook Ads Guide Here

1.2.2. Set Up a Facebook Ads Account

1.2.3. Upload Custom Audiences Email Lists Phone Lists Facebook ID Lists

1.2.4. Create Landing Page Tab Free Report Tab

1.2.5. Add Email Capture to Tab

1.2.6. Promote a Post

1.2.7. Run an Ad Campaign targeted at your local market Use the Power Editor Upload Your Email Lists Use Demographics Tool

1.3. Day 21 - Advertise on Craigslist

1.3.1. Grab Your Craigslist for Real Estate Guide Here!

1.3.2. Set Up a Craigslist Account

1.3.3. Research Competitor Ads

1.3.4. Copy and Customize Competitor Ads

1.3.5. Integrate with an IVR System

1.3.6. Run Craigslist Ads Run Buyer ad Run Seller Ad Run Investor Ad Run Foreclosure Ad

1.4. Day 22 - Advertise on Zillow

1.4.1. Grab Your Zillow for Real Estate Guide Here!

1.4.2. Set Up a Zillow Account

1.4.3. Check for availability in your area

1.4.4. Use the free Zillow Marketing Tools

1.4.5. Claim Your Listings

1.4.6. Create a Zillow Ad

1.5. Day 23 - Advertise on Trulia

1.5.1. Grab Your Trulia for Real Estate Guide Here!

1.5.2. Set Up a Trulia Account

1.5.3. Check for availability in your area

1.5.4. Use the free Trulia Marketing Tools

1.5.5. Focus on Mobile Ads

1.5.6. Create a Trulia Mobile Ad

2. Video Marketing

2.1. Day 24 - Video Marketing Plan

2.1.1. Grab the Video Studio Checklist Here!

2.1.2. Equipment Camera iPhone Lighting Audio Background

2.1.3. Software Editing iMovie Non Live Filming Camtasia Video Maker FX

2.1.4. Accessories

2.1.5. Video Equipment Providers Amazon

2.2. Day 25 - DIY Video Studio

2.2.1. Grab Your Video for Real Estate Guide Here!

2.2.2. Grab Your Video Content Calendar Here!

2.2.3. Grab Your Video Storyboard Here!

2.2.4. Create a Content Calendar

2.2.5. Create a Video Storyboard

2.2.6. Shoot Video iPhone

2.2.7. Edit Video Add Photos and Slides Add Music

2.2.8. Add Logo Intro

2.3. Day 26 - Shoot Videos

2.3.1. 10 Step Optimization Plan

2.3.2. Set Up Your YouTube Channel

2.3.3. Untitled

2.4. Day 27 - Optimize Your Videos

2.4.1. Open a You Tube Account

2.4.2. Open a Facebook Account

2.4.3. Open a Vine Account

2.4.4. Upload Video

2.4.5. Add Video SEO

2.4.6. Add Overlays and Calls to Action

2.4.7. Syndicate Video Posting

2.5. Day 28 - Publish and Promote Video

2.5.1. Grab Your Mobile for Real Estate Guide Here!

2.5.2. Open an IVR Account

2.5.3. Get a Tool Free Number

2.5.4. Equipment

2.5.5. Apps

2.5.6. Accessories

2.5.7. Mobile Ad Platforms Trulia Zillow Facebook

2.5.8. SMS CallLoop

3. Mobile Marketing

3.1. Day 29 - Mobile Marketing

3.1.1. Open a Document Storage Account Google Drive

3.1.2. Get a Document Scanner Fujitsu Scan Snap iPhone Genius Scan

3.1.3. Get an Electronic Signature

3.1.4. Use Free Google Tools Google Drive Google Calendar Voice

4. Mobile Agent

4.1. Day 30 - Mobile Agent

4.1.1. Grab the Presentation Templates Here!

4.1.2. Pre-Listing Presentation

4.1.3. Listing Presentation

4.1.4. Buyer Presentation

4.1.5. Convert Presentations into Videos Add Logo Intro Add Custom Animation Slides from Video FX

4.1.6. Use REMCamp Graphics Library

5. Marketing Funnels

5.1. BONUS DAY - Marketing Funnels

5.1.1. Complete the 300 Point Integration Checklist

5.1.2. Build Channel Specific Marketing Funnels Email Funnel SMS Funnel IVR Funnel Email Funnel Craigslist Funnel Zillow Funnel Trulia Funnel Facebook Ads Funnel Promoted Posts Ad Page Likes Ad Website Traffic Ad Landing Page Funnel Video landing Page Funnel IDX Funnel

6. Planning

6.1. Day 1 - Business Plan

6.1.1. Grab Your Business Plan Here

6.1.2. Strategic Planning Passion Policy Perfection Pipeline Pre-eminence

6.1.3. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

6.1.4. Business Structure Business Business Structure Affiliation Tax Pass through tax structure like a LLC Avoid double taxation

6.1.5. Education CE Credits Specialize Become a niche expert

6.1.6. Client Demographics Know your clients - precisely Read the Client Demographics section in the Marketing Plan

6.1.7. Product Demographic Define Your Product Demographic What's Your Specialization? Client Type Housing Type Market Type

6.1.8. Core Values How you want to be perceived in the market Your Mission Statement Write out your mission statement Your Brand Statement Write out your brand statement

6.1.9. Your USP Why clients should work with you and not a competitor I will buy, sell or rent your home I will do so quickly and painlessly I will do so at the best price

6.1.10. Previous Year Business Review Source of business Complete the Closed Sale Worksheet

6.1.11. Your Goals Quarterly Focus on actions Set Number Targets Annual Focus on numbers 5 Year Focus on numbers

6.1.12. Commit to Review Set review date every quarter

6.1.13. Resources Hurdle on Business Planning Trulia Power Agent Business Plan

6.2. Day 2 - Marketing Plan

6.2.1. Grab your Marketing Plan Here

6.2.2. 2013 Marketing Plan Review

6.2.3. 3 Key Goals

6.2.4. 3 Key Channels

6.2.5. 3 Key Trends

6.2.6. 3 Key Opportunities

6.2.7. Set Your Budget

6.2.8. Marketing Tools

6.2.9. Marketing Material

6.2.10. Lead Generation

6.2.11. Lead Conversion

6.3. Day 3 - Technology Plan

6.3.1. Grab your Technology Plan Here

6.3.2. 2013 Technology Plan Review

6.3.3. Productivity Tools

6.3.4. Communication Tools

6.3.5. Branding Tools

6.3.6. Marketing Tools

6.3.7. Paperless Tools

6.3.8. Transaction Management Tools

6.3.9. CRM Tools

6.3.10. Video Tools

6.3.11. Mobile Tools

6.4. Day 4 - Branding Plan

6.4.1. Grab Your Branding Manual Here

6.4.2. 2013 Brand Review

6.4.3. Your Brand Perception Determine how you want your brand to be perceived - and live it

6.4.4. Create a Brand Checklist Name Logo Profiles Marketing Material Website Stationery Email Signature Email Header Yard Sign Sign Rider Brochure Newsletter Presentations

7. Assets

7.1. Day 5 - Graphics

7.1.1. Grab Your Graphics Template Here

7.1.2. Buy Graphics Stock Images Fotolia

7.1.3. Hire a Graphic Designer Fiverr

7.1.4. Create Your Own Graphics Boxshot King PowerPoint Method

7.1.5. Create a Graphic Library

7.2. Day 6 - Domains

7.2.1. Grab the Domain Spreadsheet Here

7.2.2. Create a domain strategy for you and your local area

7.2.3. Use a Keyword Tool Google Adwords - $49

7.2.4. Buy Domains Get Your Own Name Get Local Area Names

7.2.5. Domain Registrars GoDaddy Google for Coupons Name Cheap

7.2.6. Mask Domains

7.3. Day 12 - Write Reports

7.3.1. Report List 10 Best Things to do Report What's My Home Worth Report Real Estate Report Neighborhood Report School Report

7.3.2. Add Report Covers

7.3.3. Host Reports on Document Storage

7.3.4. Add Web Form To Download Report

7.3.5. Add Autoresponder Series

8. Websites

8.1. Day 7 - Website

8.1.1. Company Website Set Up Build Your One Company Website Makeover Your Piece of the Company Website Website Index Home About IDX Search Listings Neighborhoods Contact Lead Capture What's My Home Worth? Contact Form Visible Tel # Social Icons Reports Media Graphics Providers

8.2. Day 8 - Hyper Local Blog

8.2.1. Grab Your Blogging Manual Here

8.2.2. Grab Your Blog Customization Template Here

8.2.3. Set Up a Hyper Local Blog Choose from the following Providers

8.2.4. Customize Blog Theme Categories Slideshow

8.2.5. Customize Settings Name Tag Line Permalinks

8.2.6. Customize Pages About Page

8.2.7. Customize Plugins

8.2.8. Customize Widgets

8.2.9. Add Contact Form

8.2.10. Add Social Media

8.2.11. Customize Graphics Header Banners Ads Report Covers 10 Best Things 365 Things to Do Real Estate Market Report Home Value Report Neighborhood Report School Report Guide Covers Buyers Guide Sellers Guide Calls to Action

8.3. Day 9 - Add Real Estate Search

8.3.1. IDX Notes IDX has become a commodity with similar features and pricing Movement towards IDX, Theme and Lead Generation systems

8.3.2. Select IDX Provider Free Paid

8.3.3. Key Features Registration Gateway Save Searches / Favorite Homes Set Up Automated Alerts CRM Lead Tracking Lead Distribution Integrate with 3rd Party CRM SEO Don't want iFrame Single Listing SEO Facebook Version Mobile Version

8.3.4. Availability Check to make sure the IDX Provider is available in your area

8.4. Day 10 - Add Lead Capture

8.4.1. Grab the Landing Page Guide Here!

8.4.2. Select Landing Page Provider

8.4.3. Generic Landing Pages Download Generic Landing page images from the Graphics Library

8.4.4. Customize Landing Pages Use Graphics Tool Use PowerPoint Hack

8.4.5. Add Web Form to Capture Email Select Web Form Provider MailChimp

8.4.6. Add Document Hosting and Cloud Storage

8.4.7. Optimize Email Capture Tools Enable Comments Add Contact Form Require Login for IDX Search Enable Social Integration

8.5. Day 11 - Add Content

8.5.1. Grab the Content Calendar Here!

8.5.2. Add 6 Posts Picture and a Paragraph Must be easy Must happen in the course of your daily business

8.5.3. Add About Page SEO Super Page

8.6. Day 13 - SEO - Optimize for Search

8.6.1. Grab Your SEO Audit Template Here!

8.6.2. Use a Keyword Tool Google Adwords - $49

8.6.3. Add SEO Plugin to Blog

8.6.4. Link Internally to Content

8.6.5. Seek External Links

8.6.6. Integrate Social SEO

9. Email Marketing

9.1. Day 14 - Set Up Your Email Manager

9.1.1. Add an Email Manager Constant Contact Mail Chimp

9.1.2. Outlook is not enough

9.1.3. Import your existing email list

9.1.4. Segment and Tag Your Lists

9.1.5. Add Web Forms

9.1.6. Create First Email

9.1.7. Create First List

9.1.8. Add Auto Responder Series

10. Local Marketing

10.1. Day 15 - Go Local

10.1.1. Add Websites to Local Directories Google Maps Search Engines Google Local Yahoo Local Bing Local

11. Social Media Marketing

11.1. Day 16 - Get Social

11.1.1. Get Your Social Media Content Plan Here

11.1.2. Sign Up for a Social Media Dashboard HootSuite Sprout Social

11.1.3. Set Up Social Media Accounts Facebook Add a Personal Account Set Up Your Business Page LinkedIn Add Personal Profile Add Business Page Google Plus Join Google Plus Create a Business Page Next Door Join Next Door Instagram Create Personal Instagram Account Pinterest Create Personal Pinterest Account Twitter Add Personal Twitter Account

11.1.4. Sign Up for Niche Real Estate Networks

11.1.5. Back Link to Blog and Website

11.1.6. Add Social Plugins

11.2. Day 17 - Set Up a Local Facebook Page

11.2.1. Set Up a Page for Your Business Timeline Photo User Photo Tabs 10 Best Things Report Add IDX Add Local Deals Providers Heyo Lead Pages

11.2.2. Set up a Page for your Local area

11.2.3. Get a Username for Your Pages Try and tie it to your blog name

11.2.4. Create a List of Local Photographers

11.2.5. Post Local Photos to your Page

11.2.6. Link Your Page Back to Your Blog

11.2.7. Create a Tab to Download the 10 Best Things Report

11.2.8. Invite Facebook Friends

11.3. Day 18 - Set Up a Local Facebook Group

11.3.1. Set Up a Local Group

11.3.2. Make it a Community Forum

11.3.3. Add Terms of Use

11.3.4. Add Initial Content

11.3.5. Moderate, Moderate, Moderate Add a moderator

11.3.6. Add Facebook Friends