Anime Detour Consuite

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Anime Detour Consuite by Mind Map: Anime Detour Consuite

1. Meetings

1.1. Attend regular meetings to keep track of changing needs & answer questions as needed.

2. Vendor Review

2.1. Review previous purchases. Explore new options. Place orders as needed previous to convention. This includes Health permits.

3. 1st Floor

3.1. Rice & Ramen

3.2. Munchies

3.3. PBJ

4. 2nd Floor

4.1. Massage

4.2. VolCon

4.3. Storage

5. GoH Green Room

5.1. Quiet space for Guests of Honor to relax & refuel between apprences.

6. Mobile

6.1. Food delivered to staff working extended shifts in locations without easy access to food.

7. "Orange Shirts"

7.1. Special Team to ensure the smooth operation of the Consuite. They act as runners, suppliers, back-ups & interference checkers.

8. Training

8.1. Coordinate training of staff for Healthy & Safety as well as convention needs

9. Inventory Control

9.1. Track equipment needs & condition. Explore new options. Coordinate purchases.

10. Thursday Staff Luncheon

10.1. Coordinate lunch for the volunteers working convention set-up

11. Special Requests

11.1. Special "One Time" Deliveries.

11.1.1. Beging of convention delivery of snacks & drinks to various departments

11.1.2. Special meals coordinated for departments with serious time restrictions