Grammatical Tenses

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Grammatical Tenses by Mind Map: Grammatical Tenses

1. Present.

1.1. Simple: I Take.

1.2. Perfect Simple (have+Past participle): I have taken.

1.3. Continous: (be+ing): I am Taking.

1.4. Perfect continous (have+been+ing): I have been taking

2. Past

2.1. Simple: I took

2.2. Past Perfect (have+past participle) : I had Taken.

2.3. Continous (was+ ing): I was Taking.

2.4. Past Perfect Continous(Had+been+ing): I had been taking

3. Future.

3.1. Future Simple: (will+verb): I will drink

3.2. Future Continous: (will+be+ ing) I will be drinking

3.3. Future Perfect:( will+have+PastParticiple) I will have drunk.

3.4. Future Perfect continous:(will+have+been+past participle) I will have been drinking