Grammatical Tenses

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Grammatical Tenses by Mind Map: Grammatical Tenses


1.1. Past Progressive

1.1.1. Example: I was studying English when you called yesterday

1.2. Past Perfect

1.2.1. Example: I had studied english a little before i moved to Australia

1.3. Past Perfect Progresive

1.3.1. Example: I had been studying English for three years before i moved to new zealand


2.1. Simple Present

2.1.1. Example: I study English everyday

2.2. Present Progressive

2.2.1. Example: I am studying English now

2.3. Present Perfect

2.3.1. Example: I have studied English in several different schools

2.4. Present Perfect Progressive

2.4.1. I have been studying English for two years


3.1. Simple Future

3.1.1. I am going to study English next year

3.2. Future Progressive

3.2.1. I will be study English tomorrow/ I am going to be studying English tomorrow

3.3. Future Perfect

3.3.1. I will have studied English for four hours if i study for another hour

3.4. Future Present Progressive

3.4.1. I will have been studying English for over two hours by the time you arrive