Customer Care Survey

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Customer Care Survey by Mind Map: Customer Care Survey

1. New customer (Not registered or registered without a loan)

1.1. Why did they call?

1.1.1. More information on how loans work When customers will receive the money into their account How much can they borrow and for what term General info: interest rate, requirements for loan Info about repayment / extension options How to apply offline (kiosks) Cash withdrawals

1.1.2. Help completing an application Didn’t understand how 1 unit transfer works Asked if the money had arrived Asked how to use Blue Cash Asked how to send 1 unit via bank transfer Form kept giving errors Device used: mobile phone Device used: computer Want to change mobile or email They wanted to apply via phone Problems with identification MANUAL: Problems with sending documents for ID check MANUAL: Asked status update about the documents sent They wanted a status update on loan decision Why the loan was rejected When will a decision be made

1.1.3. New customer / registration via phone

2. Existing Customer (Has taken one or more loans)

2.1. Why did they call?

2.1.1. Payment confirmation

2.1.2. Login / Access problem It was a fraud or blacklisted customer Password issue Forgotten email or username

2.1.3. Profile Changes Change email or phone Change bank account Change personal details (surname, address etc.)

2.1.4. Money inquiry Customer wanted to know when they'll receive money Customer wanted to know if they could receive money over weekend/ holiday

2.1.5. Information on existing loan Due date Repayment How much? How do I repay? What is needed to repay a loan? re credit option exploring Extension How much? How do I extend? What is needed to extend? Why I can''t extend? Additional amount Phone application How much can I borrow? Terms and conditions (interest rate, due date etc.)

2.1.6. Old customer / phone application

2.1.7. Why I see recredit in my profile Not enough information: What is ReCredit? Trust problem: Why using another company? Why sharing my data? Phone application for ReCredit: Can I apply on phone? Technical issues: I tried to apply to ReCredit , but could not because of a problem.