Multiculturalism at York University

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Multiculturalism at York University by Mind Map: Multiculturalism at York University

1. Classroom Setting

1.1. Professors recognize and understand student diversity.

1.2. culturally respects every individual

1.3. encourage community participation

1.4. analyze issues in racism and sexism on media

1.5. Take a specific class once a year, which helps us understand the history behind every culture= one semester course

2. Cultural Food Around the Campus

2.1. Everyone feels welcomed as their own ethnicity

2.2. Makes them feel like they are in their hometown rather than feeling like everything has changed

2.3. Trying new flavour

2.4. Learning the history and the traditional practice behind each culture

2.5. Learn the etymology of the names of foods from other countries across the world

3. Dress Code

3.1. Everyone dress differently according to their culture= looking different

3.2. The school is more diverse

3.3. Everyone feels comfortable dressing up in their own traditional clothes

3.4. People trying on clothes from other cultures, makes them feel different than what they experience everyday

3.5. Having a parade, where every culture contributes by dressing up as one every month

3.6. Being attached to our own roots

4. Clubs

4.1. Having more clubs that represent each culture

4.2. Impact on our social life

4.3. Becoming an active member of different cultures

4.4. A different opportunity to try something new and gain different experiences

4.5. Having cultural stations

4.6. Learning different ethnicities

5. Traditional Music

5.1. Everyday there would a specific culture playing their music around the whole campus

5.2. A prayer being played every morning from different cultures

5.3. Learning different words

5.4. Having more music classes based on everyones ethnicity