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Slums by Mind Map: Slums

1. What questions

1.1. Waht pushes people into slums

1.2. What is the history of slums

1.3. What are the challenges people might face when living in slums

1.4. what kind of opportunities do people that live in slums have

2. Why questions

2.1. Why do people decide to move into huge crowded slums instead of smaller less crowded area

2.2. Why do people that have the money to move into a nicer area still decide to stay in slums

2.3. Why is there no other choice for people in slums

2.4. Why are slums made in specific places

3. How questions

3.1. How do the people deal with changing weather

3.2. How do the people stop the tax collectors from coming

3.3. How do people get all the resources neeeded

4. When questions

5. Notes

5.1. In some of Kenya’s slums the toilets are paid and this makes the people not want to use the thus causing them to put their dropping in plastic bags polluting the area and causing lack of sanitation.

5.2. Every three years in manila there is the elections , many of the people in slums make the candidates pay for their votes

5.3. Towards the end of 2016 police set fire to the homes of 30,000 slum dwellers living on the edge of the seafront in Lagos, Nigeria, displacing tens of thousands of people.

5.4. The report's main finding is stark: Almost half the world's urban population lives in slums. Asia has the largest number of slum dwellers overall, with 554 million, while Africa has the largest percentage of its urban population living in slums — about 71 percent.

5.5. Slums are very vulnerable to natural disasters and fires these kind of things leave people unable to have shelter for days or even weeks

5.6. The slum Dahravi was recognised as one of the most sustainable plce in the world due to the community being able to share nearly everything also being able to fit many people into one house