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Slums by Mind Map: Slums

1. When Questions

2. How Questions

2.1. How do people coop with the tax collectors?

2.2. Since education is poor in slums and nobody can afford doctors how will they give birth .

2.3. How do people that live in slums and what ware the jobs?

2.3.1. The jobs

3. Who Questions

3.1. Who build slums?

3.2. Who live in slums?

4. Why Questions

5. What Questions

5.1. What pushes people into slums

5.2. What are the living conditions in slums and how do people coop with it .

5.3. In what continents are slums ore common?

6. Where questions

6.1. Where would people go without slums?

7. Notes

7.1. A video shows a man who dives into water to catch fish. The water is polluted majorly meaning not only fish are there. Sometimes no fish is found but he found very small mussels and 2 small fishes and that is dinner for 7 people.

7.2. The outbreak of slums is most common in India’s capital, Mumbai. Almost half of its 12 million people live in slums or dilapidated buildings. That means 6 million people don't have proper sanitation in just one city and since this is happening all over the world maybe even more than a billion people live like this.

7.3. Slums are mostly found in LDC’s or parts of MDC’s. Most of the slums are more commonly found in Africa, Asia and south America.

7.4. Every three years in Manilla elections will be held and the voters will have to pay in order to vote. This is how some people make money.

7.5. In Manilla a form of entertainment can be very gory. This for of entertainment os gambling on chickens. What happens is that they put blades on the legs