Sanitation In LIC’s

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Sanitation In LIC’s by Mind Map: Sanitation In LIC’s

1. Girls With Inadequate Sanitation When they start Menstruating

1.1. Where in the world is the biggest problem for girls on their period with inadequate sanitation

1.2. Why do adults especially teachers embarrass the girls when they ask to leave school

1.3. How can people help them to improve the problem

2. Homes That have the bare minimum especially with sanitation

2.1. A home in Haiti where the family earns thirty nine USD every month: *Water source comes from a muddy river by their home *They do not have a toilet so they go in the bush outside their home *They also don’t have any toilet paper so they use leaves *They have no bathroom so they wash their hands and faces in a bucket behind their home.

2.2. A home in Burundi where the family earns twenty seven USD every month: *Their toys are two old books *Their stove is one pot above some rocks *Their refrigerator is a wooden pot *They have plates and cups with dirty stains on them *They get water from a small pipe that runs through a wall but the water doesn't look very clean. *Their dish brushes are rags made of fibre *They eat from a tiny plate on the ground *There are five people in the family a mum and her four children *Their roof is made out of dead leaves and twigs *They have an old unsteady front door *They go to the toilet in a hole in the ground outside their house *They have two toothbrushes and one tube of toothpaste *Dirty and old shoes *They have one wooden chair *A messy old bed

2.3. A family in Bangladesh where the family earn fifty eight USD every month: *Their stove are a few pots over a single pit that they probably light with fire *They have a large dish full of grains *They have an old wooden basket with a few old vegetables and spices *Their dish washing soap is ashes (most likely from the cooking fire) *Their dish brush are some leaves tied together with a bit of wire *They have a small light that provides electricity for the whole home *There roof is made out of big rust sheets of metal *They have a single old padlock to lock the house with *They have a dirty bucket with some water for washing their hands *They have a small bathroom with some privacy screens made of some sheets of material *They have two toothbrushes and a tube of toothpaste *They have two bottles of medicine *They have a sturdy looking bed and an armchair made of bamboo and rice sack covers filled with a material. *They have one small phone for the family

3. I went to dollar street and I looked at different homes and their bathrooms and the conditions of them:

3.1. There is a mud brick wall out in the bushes and inside the wall are some wooden planks and in the centre of the wood is a hole Burundi 29 USD There is a squat toilet in the middle of some dirty tiles, by the side of toilet is a small pot (most likely used for flushing the toilet with water) Cambodia 437 USD There is a clean sink with a toilet roll on the side and there are clean tiles and a white toilet at the far end Jordan 7 433 USD There is a pile of rubbish and human waste India 31 USD The bushes Zimbabwe 34 USD There is a bath, sink, toilet, several soaps and a clean bathroom floor South Korea 4 531 USD There is a plastic bottle of water on a grubby floor with a small toilet with no seat Tunisia 176 USD There are two black pieces of plastic that are held up with wooden poles inside there is a hole in the ground Peru 102 USD There is a small toilet in the right top corner and on the left there is a small shower the walls and the floor are really dirty Rwanda 460 USD