Differentiated Instruction: by Coyotes

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Differentiated Instruction: by Coyotes by Mind Map: Differentiated Instruction:   by Coyotes

1. Pillars

1.1. Philosophy

1.1.1. regarding diversity as normal and valuable

1.1.2. seeing every learners potential for academic success.

1.1.3. accepting responsibility to maximize each learners progress

1.1.4. get rid of barriers so that students have equal access to excellence to succeed

1.2. Principles

1.2.1. create open environments that allows open learning

1.2.2. building on a curriculum that works

1.2.3. valuling and usallizing classroom assessments

1.2.4. building assessments that are tailored to your students needs

1.2.5. creating a flexible classroom that is supported by your leadership

1.3. Practices

1.3.1. Productively prepping for classes

1.3.2. be aware of the content of your assignments

1.3.3. teaching at or above the grade level of your students ability

1.3.4. assign lessons that take into account your classroom make up

1.3.5. Flexible grouping

2. compare and contrast

2.1. traditional classroom

2.1.1. assignments are given towards the end of class 2

2.1.2. only certain levels can succeed

2.1.3. a single definition of excellence exists

2.1.4. more based on memorization rather then fluency

2.1.5. single used assignments are used with only one way to do them

2.2. differentiated classroom

2.2.1. excellence is defined more towards the individual as well as the class

2.2.2. instructional groupings

2.2.3. allowed to have an open assignments that allows students to go about it different ways

2.2.4. time is flexible and corresponds to students needs.