Differentiated Instruction

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Differentiated Instruction by Mind Map: Differentiated Instruction

1. Teachers must:

1.1. Know students' learning styles well

1.2. Know students' backgrounds

1.3. Be flexible with their time and instruction

2. Definition: Changing instructional techniques to better suit your students

2.1. Differentiated classrooms support all students, no matter their learning style

2.2. Educators should be their students' educational advocate

3. "A nurturing environment encourages learning within schools"

3.1. Do not force-fit students into a specific learning style

3.2. Allow freedom of learning

3.3. Student-Centered learning

4. Traits of a Differentiated Classroom

4.1. Effective teachers modify instruction when needed

4.2. Teachers and students collaborate in learning

4.3. Assessment and instruction are inseperable

4.4. Grading process reflects growth, performance, and work process

5. Philosiphy of Differentiation

5.1. Diversity is normal and valuable

5.2. Every learner has a hidden and extensive capacity to learn

5.3. It is the teacher's responsiblity to be the engineer of students' success

5.4. Educators should be champions of every student who enters the schoolhouse doors