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Project Coding : blog by Mind Map: Project Coding : blog

1. What kind of code should I learn ?

1.1. PHP

1.2. HTML

1.3. RUBY

1.4. CSS

2. What topic my blog could be about ?Why?


2.1.1. this topic could interest a lot of people

2.1.2. I know what kind of informations I can provide

2.1.3. It something very interesting to work on.

2.1.4. I have knowledge on that topic.

2.1.5. There are a lot of things to know about future tech.

3. Why a blog ?

3.1. A blog is easy to create for a beginner like me.

3.2. How to create a blog is something useful to know in future life.

3.3. I had a blog last quarter and I really enjoy it.

4. On Future Technologies

4.1. Inventions that may appear in the Future

4.1.1. Thought about it

4.1.2. Is it something negative or positive ?

4.1.3. Some points that we could improve.

4.1.4. Is it something really needed ?

4.2. Ideas of inventions

4.3. Robots

4.3.1. Asimo

4.3.2. Nao

4.3.3. Questionnaire about thought of the readers on Robots and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

5. Where should I learn coding how to code a blog ?

5.1. Code academy

6. What can make it different from other

6.1. I can maybe linked it to my ancient blog.