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Planet Earth II by Mind Map: Planet Earth II
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Planet Earth II


Episode #1

1. Islands, Habitat, Habitat of island regions of the world?, What is a habitat?, Considering global warming, what are citizens living near oceans going to be concerned with?, The Origin of Islands, How do islands form?, Volcanic action, tectonic plates, Locations & Species, Panama, Species featured, Pygmy Sloths, Where is the region that is dedicated to the Pygmy Sloth?, Indonesia, Species featured, Komodo Island, Komodo Dragon, What tools does the Komodo dragon use to defend itself and fight?, Reptiles need only a fraction of the food of warm blooded animals - what is the percent they need compared to warm blooded animals?, How many Komodo dragons are there on the island?, Seychelles Islands, Species featured, Southern Buller Albatross, True or False: Does the albatross mate with other albatross or just one?, Naughty Birds, How are eggs incubated?, Madagascar, Species featured, Lemurs, How many different types of lemurs exist?, What are the food sources of lemurs?, What does the word "Arid" mean?, How does the lemur survive with little water?, Fernandina, Galapagos Islands, Species featured, Marine Iguana, Where does the marine iguana get it's food?, Who is the enemy of the marine iguana when first born?, What is symbiosis?, The iguana has parasites on their body, Bird cleans the iguana by eating these parasites., True or False, Marine iguanas hatch from eggs?, Which is faster - The marine iguana or the razor snake?, Racer snake, Christmas Island, Species featured, "The March of the Red Crabs", 50,000,000 Crabs, Once per year heading to the sea, "Invasive Species", Brings death or destruction to the original species in that habitat., Yellow ants, "Super-Colonies", Squirt acid into the mouth and eyes of the crabs, Brought by humans on ships, Pisonia Trees, Sticky Seeds, "The Bird Catcher Tree", Christmas Island, Zavodovski Island, Species featured, Chinstrap Penguin, 1.5 million, Volcanic Island, Whose job is it to gather food?, Male, Female, Both

Episode #2

2. Mountains, Location & Species, Himalayas, Snow Leopard, Arabian Peninsula, Nubian Ibex, Survive by common sense, Grip, Instinct, The Alps - Europe, Golden Eagle, Rocky Mountains - USA, Grizzley Bear, Lynx, High altitude, Temperature changes between night and day, Andes Mountains, Flamingos, Breaking free of ice, Thin atmosphere, High UV exposure, Himalayas, Snow Leopard, How do they mark their territory?

Episode #3

3. Jungles, Facts, Many animals futures depend on the ability to climb., Layers of the jungle, Canopy, Less than 6% of earth, Over half of the animals of earth, 1000 plants growing on a single tree, Home to more species than any other place on earth, Rain is the lifeblood of the jungle, 2% of the suns rays reach the ground, Trees grow higher and higher because of this, Locations and Species, Madagascar, Spider Monkey, Their ability to survive is determined by their ability to climb., Draco Lizard, Equador, Sawbill Hummingbird, Has a beak longer than their body, Scratch itself for preening their feathers, Brazil, Trees are submerged, The forest floor is 10 feet below the surface of the water, River Dolphin, Use sonar to scan for fish due to poor eyesight, Catabara, Largest rodents, Cayman Alligator, Porsche Panamera, Otters, Jaguar, Epic Fight - Jaguar vs. Python, Kruger National Park, South Africa, Leaf Tailed Gecko, Costa Rica, Glass Frog, What is the predator for the Glass Frog prey?, Mushrooms, Appear overnight, Railroad Worm, Lights warn to keep other creatures out of the way, Millipedes, Winged Bird of Paradise, Wilson Bird of Paradise, What agency is essential for protecting the United States?, EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, Deforestation in the Amazon NYT

Episode #4

4. Deserts, Location & Species, Tenere Desert, Lion, Giraffe, American West Desert, Flash flood, Ground can't absorb the excess water, Canyons, Grand Canyon, Salt Canyons, Utah, 150 feet deep, Plants, Saguaro Cactus, Store water internally, Birds, Butcher Bird, Prey is stuck to the cactus spines, Hawks, Hunt in packs, Nevada, Mustang Horses, Peruvian Deserts, The desert turns green, What's an oasis?, Madagascar Deserts, Locusts, Go from walking to flying, 40,000 tons of food consumed in a day, Death when they run out of food, Kalahari Desert, Zebra, Elephant, The Hunt for Water, Elephants can find a waterhole that they haven't visited for decades, Watering holes can vanish as quickly as they appear, The Mole, The Power of the Sun, Highest temperatures on Earth have occurred in the deserts of the world, 130,000 km expansion of deserts, Shovel Snouted Lizard, Top of the Dunes near the Atlantic Ocean, Water, Negev Desert Israel, Bat, Phenomenon, Haboob, List of Deserts, Predator versus Prey

Episode #5

5. Grasslands, Location & Species, India, Elephant, Eurassian Steppe, Stretches 1/3 of our planet, Antelope, African Lion, Water Buffalo, Mouse, Barn Owl, African Savanna, World's Heaviest Flying Bird, African Bull Elephant, Symbiosis with flying birds, Servocat, Wildebeast, Ants, Sawing leaves, Blades feed the fungus, Fungus feeds the ants, 1/3 of grass on earth harvested by insects, Northern Australia, Compass Termites, Built on a North - South Access, Break down grass & extract nuturients, 10 feet tall, South America, Anteater, 20,000 insects a day, North America, Prairies, American Buffalo, Bison, Insulates to -30C, Grasseater, Red Fox, Scavenger, Caribou, 70,000 babies born each year, 25% of earth covered by grass

Episode #6

6. Urban, Location & Species, Jodhpur, India, Langurs Monkeys, What is an alpha male?, What are some of the reasons animals battle for territory?, List religions and the animals that are found to be sacred., New York City, NY, Peregrine Falcon, Mumbai, India, Leopards, What lures leopards so close to come to the city and risk being killed?, Wild Pigs, Rome, Italy, Starlings, Is there any theory why the starlings congregate and move in patterns?, Bower Bird, Toronto, Canada, Raccoon, Jodhpur, India, Harar, Ethiopia, Hyenas, Arles, France, Pigeon, Catfish, Florida, Hawksbill Turtle, Urban Tree Planting, Milan, Minneapolis, Cupertino, California, Apple Headquarters

Episode #7

How the filmmakers made the series

Planet Earth II by the Numbers, Planet Earth II by the Numbers, In the Media, Atlantic Article, Cameras Used

Initial Learning Targets

What are seasonal extremes and how do these changes affect wildlife?

How does the process of mating change the habits and range of travel for animals featured in this series?

What animal shows this mating and migration pattern?

Give 3 examples of prey versus predator?

Komodo DragonSnakes versus the IguanaLion versus giraffeLion versus Water BuffaloLeopard versus the Piglets

List 3 ways animals coexist with animals in urban environments.

LeopardsMonkeysHyenaPeregrine Falcon - Dive at 200 mph

How is the term "Survival of the Fittest" shown in the documentary?