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Online Health Diagnosis by Mind Map: Online Health Diagnosis

1. Cyberchondria

1.1. anxiety

1.2. exaggerated symptoms

1.3. paranoia

1.4. worse possible outcome imagined with there ailment

1.5. preoccupied with the state of their health

2. Self Diagnosis

2.1. incorrect treatment

2.2. failing to get treatment

2.3. anxiety

2.4. worsening problem

2.5. resolving issue and avoiding GP

2.6. not all sites reliable

3. Clinicians

3.1. costs for appointments too high

3.2. medicare rebate too low

3.3. waiting rooms too lengthy

3.4. drug happy

3.5. lack empathy

4. Pros

4.1. minimize waiting times in GP room

4.2. avoid unnecessary GP visits

4.3. deal with matter promptly, if there's a wait for a GP app

4.4. possibly minimize anxiety levels

5. Cons

5.1. incorrect diagnosis, leading to treatment

5.2. possibly increase anxiety levels

5.3. self medicate

5.4. avoid proper treatment