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1. Consequences

1.1. Troublous World (influence on environment ) Ex: Wood thief, prirate, criminal, robber, pick pocket,...)

1.2. habitat loss ( too much people)

1.3. Lack of natural resources ( high needs ) Ex: fresh water, arable land , fossil fuels,..)

1.4. Jobless--> high unemployment rate

1.4.1. Public

1.4.2. Old car

1.4.3. New car

1.5. Dirtier air ( bad behaviour)

1.6. Global warming ( air pollution)--> higher death rate

1.7. More Frequent and severe weather (pollution )

2. The reasons lead to real situation of planet nowadays

2.1. over population ( not have family planing)

2.2. Nuclear War ( poisonous toxix--> many health diseases )

2.3. bad awareness ( no appreciate the education)

2.4. Exhaust fumes release from vehicles, factories and daily lives)

2.5. Social Evil ( greedy and selfish)

3. How can we save the Earth ?

3.1. Save trees ( plant more trees)

3.1.1. Immunizations

3.1.2. Health certificates for pets

3.1.3. Medication

3.1.4. Contact lenses, glasses

3.2. Save natural vegetation ( useless paper)

3.2.1. Stop deliveries and subscriptions Newspaper

3.2.2. Cancel local memberships Gym Library

3.2.3. Cancel services Phone Internet

3.2.4. Fill out forwarding request for your mail

3.3. Save water ( water is life so we must to save it )

3.3.1. To any accounts you want to keep

3.3.2. Friends and Family

3.3.3. Child's school

3.4. Save natural resources (turn off the light when not using )

3.4.1. Check whether your appliances will work in the destination country

3.4.2. Buy transformers for differing voltages

3.5. Save environment from pollution ( Useless car, less machines, use public transportation, and reduce harm ful emissions

3.5.1. Sell (garage sale, flee-market, online)

3.5.2. Store in a storing facility

3.6. Save Earth from Global warming ( always check the machines from factories and maybe change the new one

4. Saving Planet Earth