Post-colonial Literature

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Post-colonial Literature by Mind Map: Post-colonial Literature

1. Theoreticians

1.1. Homi K. Bhabha

1.1.1. The Location of Culture Hibridity Uncanny Unhomely .Hybridity .Ambivalence .Cultural difference, enunciation, and stereotype .Mimicry/mockery .Third Space .In-between/liminality -ReneGreen's Stairwell .Unhomely .Freudian concept of Uncanny .Identity .Displacement .Beyond .Borderlines .Newness .Cross-Transit-Move away-Passage .Nationness .Fixed tablet of tradtion .Multiculturalism- Internationalism- transnationalism -extra-territorial - cross-cultural .Solidarity .Tradition-history .Translational Culture .redefinition-redescribe-refigure-recreation-relocation

2. Migration Literature

2.1. Diaspora

2.1.1. Origins and development of the term Robin Cohen's Global Diasporas

2.1.2. Iranian diaspora in literature Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis Comics Memoir Coming of Age Story

3. Definition

3.1. History of colonialism (interferences) in Iran

3.1.1. Russian and British interferences during Qajar era

3.1.2. Treaty of Gulistan

3.1.3. Treaty of Turkmenchay

3.1.4. Oil nationalization and the 1953 Iranian coup d'état "Operation Ajax"

3.1.5. Reza Shah exiled

3.1.6. Mohammad Reza Shah exiled

3.1.7. Iranian Revolution Hijab Islam

3.1.8. Iran-Iraq war