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OpenSourceLife by Mind Map: OpenSourceLife

1. Group Projects

1.1. networking helping app(linkedin/stakeoverflow)

1.1.1. build a ia agent type alexa/siry based on creative knoledge of the group

1.2. Listes of problem who need to be solved to finish project (guide/step by step with 60% efficiant )

1.3. OSL Productivity Mobile App

1.3.1. Needed designer programmer Plan what are the common problems of the group's members?

2. Group Goals

2.1. Main Goal: Increase personal and professional effectiveness of all members, in a systematic and complete manner, by allowing members to contribute and exchange resources

2.2. Develop team-created tools, apps, systems, community resources to aide in completing the Main Goal

3. Group Resources

3.1. Productivity

3.2. Financial Resources

3.3. Health

3.4. Magick

4. Problems to solve

4.1. helping individual members

4.2. structural skill enrichment

4.3. New Member Orientation

4.4. Way we can all make money

5. Skill Aquisition Heirarchy

5.1. Chaos Magick

5.1.1. Visualization Concentration

5.1.2. Academics Sciences Biology Physics Chemistry Maths Literature The Arts Art History

5.1.3. Occult Hermetism Tarot

5.2. Visual Arts

5.2.1. Design UX UI Psychology

5.2.2. Creative Coding Programming Reading Typing Logic Three.JS

5.2.3. VFX Shaders

6. Rules

6.1. Presuppositions

6.1.1. Messaging each other is cool