Bacterial STDs I & II

WVSOM Repro: Dugan 2/23/11

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Bacterial STDs I & II by Mind Map: Bacterial STDs I & II

1. Mucopurulent discharge

1.1. Neisseria

1.1.1. Morphology Gram-neg diplococci "Coffee bean shapped" (2 bacteria together)

1.1.2. Culture Fastideous Require enriched growth medium Needs increased CO2 concentration Oxidase pos (aerobic) Produce weak acidic products on cystine trypticase agar

1.1.3. 3 types N. meningitidis Moraxella catarrhalis N. gonnorhoeae Clinical presentations Epidemiology Virulence factors Pathogenesis Dx Immunity Tx

1.2. Chlamydia

1.2.1. General Obligate intracellular parasites Can't make ATP Resemble G- bacteria Exist in 2 forms Elementary = infectious Reticulate = noninfections Classification Serotype A,B,C D-K L1, L, L3

1.2.2. Pathogenesis 1) attach to cells and are phagocytized 2) Change from non-replicating elementary bodies to metabolically active reticulate bodies 3) Replicate and develop into elementary bodies 4) E. bodies lyse host cell and invade new one

2. Bacterial Vaginitis

2.1. Dx

2.1.1. Vaginal pH > 5

2.1.2. Thin, homogenous vaginal discharge

2.1.3. Release of amine-like odor when mixed with 10% KOH

2.1.4. Clue cells on gram stain

2.2. Etiology

2.2.1. Gardnerella vaginalis

2.2.2. Mobiluncus sp. Curved anaerobic G- rod

2.2.3. Trichomonas vaginalis Presentation: malodorous, frothy discharge w/ burning, itching, chafing Diffuse vaginal erythema

2.3. NOT STDs!!! Don't need to Tx partner

3. Genital Ulcers

3.1. Treponema

3.1.1. General Long, thin, helical bacteria Rototary motility G- wall (w/ NO endotoxin!)

3.1.2. Classification All not STDs T. pertenue (Yaws) T. carateum (Pinta) T. endemicum (Bejel) STD: T. pallidum (Syphilus) Epidemiology Clinical Lab Dx Tx

3.2. Chancroid (haemophilus ducreyi)

3.2.1. Clinical "Soft chancre" Painful, sloughy and purulent edges Bleed easily

3.2.2. Lab Dx Culture requires special media Slow growing

4. Ectoparasitic Sx

4.1. Phthirus public (pubic lice)

4.1.1. Lab Dx Examine hair follicles for nits and adult lice

4.2. Sarcoptes scabiei (scabies

4.2.1. Lab Dx Skin scraping w/ KOH wet mount

4.2.2. Clinical Itchy reddish papules around groin, axilla, waist, and elbows