Online Health Diagnosis

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Online Health Diagnosis by Mind Map: Online Health Diagnosis

1. Pros

1.1. Saving money

1.1.1. Time to travel to doctor

1.1.2. Saving doctor pointless appointments if just a normal 'cold symptom'

1.2. Prepares patient of what they should expect as treatment

1.3. Background knowledge for patient

1.4. Less information for the practitioner to give/tell

2. Cons

2.1. incorrect self diagnosis

2.1.1. Causing panic/emergency

2.1.2. Unnecessary anxiety Cybercondria

2.1.3. Might be something rare and unheard of, a serious medical condition, urgent.

2.2. Should only have limited information

2.2.1. Pros of limited information Written articles by a qualified doctor Points patient in direction of specialist doctor No general practitioner to diagnose patient

3. Doctor google

3.1. Patients

3.1.1. Older people

3.2. Digital generation

3.2.1. Younger people Habit of using internet for information, so why not for medical information! Gullible, Internet info is 'true' Cheap, busy Don't have time or money to see a qualified doctor Technology overrides face to face interaction in younger society

4. Popularity

4.1. Trend setter > Trend follower

4.2. Other people do it, so they should too,

4.3. Popularity is everything in the younger persons