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I... by Mind Map: I...

1. Can't stand the sound of my mom crying.

2. Feel your pain.

3. Told dad you loved him.

4. Hate that you fight over us.

5. Don't know what love is.

6. Think home should be a safe place.

7. Think life is very harsh.

8. Think love destroyed our family.

9. Hope that we can be a family.

10. Think that it's my fault.

11. Hate when you fight.

12. Hope you can be together for me.

13. Can't leave.

14. Think we look happy in pictures.

15. Think we can just pretend

16. Hate having to split everything.

17. Hate having a step-brother.

18. Hate that mom have to change her last name.

19. Hope we can relive the past.

20. Think we can change.