Evaluation Question 3: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product a...

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Evaluation Question 3: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? by Mind Map: Evaluation Question 3:       What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

1. Exhibition

2. Our film will be exhibited by a small scale cinema. This is because they would be willing to exhibit a low-budget film. When looking at mainstream cinemas in the UK. Cineworld, Vue and Odeon are the most popular. I believe these cinemas are of too big a scale for our film to be exhibited by them. This is because they exhibit high-budget, Hollywood films that attract wide audiences. Our film is a low-budget film that will only have a small fan base to start off with, compared to high-budget films who usually start off with an already made fan base.

3. To market our film, we will use social media because this way we know for sure that it will reach out target audience as nowadays, majority of teenagers have at least one type of social media. Social media will also help it spread and will travel through word of mouth. Social media is a very effective way of advertisement in the 21st century as there are so many ways in which the film could be advertised through these platforms. For example, the use of the hashtag would help the film spread as they usually circulate. Pictures on Instagram can also be shared as well as have ads on peoples snapchats, promoting the film.

4. The use of social media as a way of advertising the film is good because it cost effective. It is also probably one of the most simple ways of advertising and will definitely reach the correct audience.

5. After completing research on production companies, I believe it would be better for our film to be distributed by a smaller independent company. I looked into Hammer film productions which is a company based in London, founded in 1934 and distributes Thriller films. This seemed to be a good company, especially as is specialises in suspense Thrillers. Hammer has been very successful and become more well-known due to its distribution partnerships with major USA studios like Warner Bros. Over the years, Hammer dominated the Horror market of films, enjoying worldwide distribution and financial success. Our film could be distributed from this company however as it is well-known, it may be too big of a company, especially as it now only distributes larger budgeted films. It also has recently been distributing Horror films which is not the genre of our film.

6. When looking at smaller, less-known companies, I came across film companies such as Vertigo and Seesaw. They are both based in London and are smaller, private, independent companies. Vertigo has produced films such as StreetDance3D and SeeSaw produced 'The King's speech'. Both films have been extremely successful considering their distributors are independently based. Although both companies seem to be successful in all of the films they have made, neither have specialised in Thriller films.

7. I also researched into other smaller companies. One being Cloud Eight productions. It is an English production company and it is known for film such as 127 Hours, Selma and Steve Jobs and currently owns a sister production company named Selma Films.

8. The companies that I have researched could all distribute Hide and Seek as they all seem to produce a range of different genres, therefore our film could fit into all of the companies. However, the final company that I believe should distribute our film is Momentum Pictures. This is because it has an established fan base in the UK already, meaning that people are likely to go and watch our film because of the connection to the production company. This could help build and increase the following of our film.

9. Momentum pictures is one of the leading independent motion picture distributors in the UK and Ireland and releases approximately 20 theatrical films a year. It's films are all successful and Momentum was involved in the release of Oscar, BAFTA and BIFA-winning The King's Speech. Due to its large success, I think Momentum pictures would be the most suitable company as it could help a small budget company like ours become well-known and successful.

10. Distribution