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Retrospective by Mind Map: Retrospective


1.1. Establishing Best Practices

1.1.1. Start educating LA office of the Product Management Discipline

1.1.2. Start involving Product Management disciplines throughout entire process from discovery to maintenance

1.1.3. Start including Product Management discipline in Client Engagement meeting around new Client requests

1.1.4. Start holding each other accountable (even if you are friends)

1.1.5. Start sharing more frequently knowledge and pain points

1.1.6. Start enforcing process/best practices

1.1.7. Start bridging the gap between Client Engagment, Project Management, Development, QA

1.1.8. Start removing impediments/blockers (not just products)

1.1.9. Start creating a process to clean up old content in Sitecore

1.1.10. Start refining existing process and personnel tasks

1.2. Improving Project Management

1.2.1. Start improving the Project Management discipline

1.2.2. Start adhering strictly to delivery schedules

1.2.3. Start delineating the responsibilities and expectations between Project Management and Product Management

1.2.4. Start measuring DEV Team sprint velocity

1.2.5. Start/Re-start managing workflow in JIRA

1.2.6. Start establishing and enforcing weekly Design goals and Development Goals

1.2.7. Start/Re-start following sprint cadence

1.2.8. Start allocating requisite time to fully assess request/task

1.2.9. Start tracking tasks exclusively on JIRA

1.2.10. Start allocating requisite time toward walkiing Client through test cases supporting Client UAT

1.3. Improving Scope Management

1.3.1. Start triaging inbound request from Client/Client Engagement by Product Management dicipline

1.3.2. Start pushing back on Client

1.3.3. Start process for managing change requests

1.3.4. Start improving DEV LOE estimates

1.4. Improving Meetings

1.4.1. Start starting and ending meetings on time

1.4.2. Start limiting standup meetings to 15 minutes

1.4.3. Start conducting shorter scrum meetings

1.4.4. Start inviting only requisite people and disciplines to meetings

1.4.5. Start improving efficiency and effectiveness of meetings

1.5. Improving Product Management

1.5.1. Start anticipating Client needs earlier and faster by Product Management discipline

1.5.2. Start confirming solution with Client prior to development

1.5.3. Start updating Functional Annotations artifacts with Sitecore Item Paths for newly created items

1.5.4. Start creating a clear process post-release (e.g., content authoring training, maintenance onboarding/training, knowlege transfer)

1.6. Improving Team Collaboration

1.6.1. Start finding ways to facilitating cross team collaboration

1.6.2. Start collaborating across disciplines earlier and more tightly

1.6.3. Start scheduling requisite time with discipline leads to explore alternate solutions

1.7. Improving Design & Development Processes

1.7.1. Start reviewing Specifications artifacts before DEV handoffs

1.7.2. Start more efficient DEV handoffs

1.7.3. Start executing more efficient QA Handoffs


2.1. Good Practices

2.1.1. Keep protecting the scope

2.1.2. Keep addressing edge cases with Client as they came up

2.1.3. Keep annotating wireframes for one wireframe per each state/use case

2.1.4. Keep setting expectations

2.1.5. Keep engaging Client during [solution] process

2.1.6. Keep maintaining weekly buffer

2.1.7. Keep solving problems across disciplines

2.1.8. Keep balancing expectation and team workload by Client Engagement

2.1.9. Keep conducting retrospectives

2.1.10. Keep maintaining one release per week cadence in Maintenance workstream

2.1.11. Keep following best practices

2.2. Communication

2.2.1. Keep open communications between teams

2.2.2. Keep communicating across workstreams


3.1. Poor Project Management

3.1.1. Stop starting projects without formal Client consent

3.1.2. Stop tracking tasks on email and spreadsheets

3.1.3. Stop squeezing the QA process

3.1.4. Stop scheduling too many meetings

3.1.5. Stop discounting other people/disciplines work

3.1.6. Stop discounting the requsite LOE to produce work by other people/disciplines

3.1.7. Stop rolling hand-offs

3.1.8. Stop relying/expecting the Product Management disciplines to execute responsibilities and deliver on expectations that fall under the Project Management discipline

3.2. Poor Scope Management

3.2.1. Stop scope creep, last-minute requests

3.2.2. Stop thinking every feature is critical

3.2.3. Stop under-estimating LOE

3.2.4. Stop appeasing Client Engagement/Project Management at the expense of Development/QA

3.2.5. Stop promising delivery to the Client or 3rd Party Vendor/Agency without full defining scope

3.2.6. Stop accomodating other team's/worksteam requests

3.3. Poor Team Collaboration

3.3.1. Stop presenting work to Client without cross-discipline buy-in

3.3.2. Stop working in silos