Copy of Copy of Two Stories

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Copy of Copy of Two Stories by Mind Map: Copy of Copy of Two Stories

1. Will Wang

2. The sniper

2.1. Setting

2.1.1. In downtown Dublin , it is a tune evening

2.2. theme

2.2.1. The sniper , it's a war story , and it explores questions of violence and enmity and how they affect the people who participate in and are caught up in the war

2.3. character

2.3.1. Republican sniper cruel The sniper kills the man in the armored car , however , he kills the innocent woman too. smart He designs a good plan , and he kills the enemy when he is hurt .

2.3.2. enemy sniper thoughless He is swindled by the another sniper .

2.3.3. old woman kind She informs the man in the armored car and wants to save the poor guy .

2.4. Literature devices

2.4.1. Personification Heavy guys roared , the rifles broke the silence of the night like dogs barking on lone farms , panting of the mother and the gray monster

2.4.2. Dramatic irony When the sniper takes the risk to smoke, the reader knows that nothing good will come out of that and that he is going to be spotted by the enemy.

2.5. plot

2.5.1. Firstly , the sniper hides in a building and waits for the target . Sooner an armored car comes into the sniper's eyesight .

2.5.2. Secondly , an old woman come to the armored car and informs the man from the turret that the sniper is hiding in the building , unluckily , the sniper kills the man and an old woman .

2.5.3. In a surprise twist , the sniper is shotted the arm by another enemy sniper , the sniper pretends that he is died . And the enemy comes close to check , suddenly, the sniper shots him use the rifle . At last , he finds that "enemy" is his brother .

2.6. conflict

2.6.1. Republicans VS. Enemy

2.6.2. People in the same country VS. Other people in the same country

2.6.3. Brother VS. Brother

3. Just Lather , That's All

3.1. setting

3.1.1. This story was in the barbershop in a small Colombian town

3.2. character

3.2.1. a capital cruel He killed a lot of rebel army. brave He has known that the barber is one of the rebel army , but he still accepts the service from the rebel barber

3.2.2. a barber timid He loses the good chance to revenge for his rebel army and uses the excuse that he wants to be a good professional barber to cover his timidness . thoughful The barber knows that even if he kills the envy Captain , the war still can't be end .

3.3. theme

3.3.1. This story is about the barber struggles with his inner conflict if he kills the Captain Torres

3.4. Literature devices

3.4.1. irony He didn't end up killing the man he hated , yet still felt good about it .

3.4.2. imagery Stroking and re-stroking this skin , trying to keep blood from oozing from these pores , can't even think clearly .

3.5. plot

3.5.1. Firstly , the Captain Torres comes into a barbershop and needs service , the barber is afraid of serving the costume, because he knows that the captain killed many his members in the rebel army .

3.5.2. Secondly , he wants to kill the captain to revenge , however , he still wants to be a good and professional barber .

3.5.3. Finally , he gives up his murdering . In fact , the captain knows that the barber is one of the rebel army , and leaves .

3.6. conflict

3.6.1. person VS himself

3.6.2. person VS person