Evaluation Question 4

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Evaluation Question 4 by Mind Map: Evaluation Question 4

1. We created a production which would be appreciated by lovers of horror, mystery and teen films due to the incorporation of murder, mystery (as we don’t know who the killer is from the footage) and the characters are very stereotypical teenagers who make an unusual group of friends.

2. We targeted our film at a C2DE market group as we don’t feel our product will apply to the upper class, we include loads of middle-lower class actors who portray middle-lower class characters, this allows these kinds of groups of people to relate to our film more due to having a more normal set of characters that they will see in their personal lives. The target audience for our production would be of an older age due to it being a horror film, this would consist of teens and young adults, this is because some of the themes within the production are not suitable for viewers who are young children. We have included many stereotypes which a wide variety of people will be able to relate to, this broadens our target audience.

3. We haven’t targeted our film to either men or women, we have attempted to create a production which would be able to be viewed by either gender as we attempted to cover issues which anyone could relate to whether they are male or female.

4. Due to the BBFC’s guidelines we have had to rate our film a 15. This is because we have the idea of drugs, sex and violence. However, these topics are covered but never explicitly shown. We see the murdering hitting someone but we never actual show any gory images, the ‘basket-case’ takes some pills but we don’t see the effects of them or what they are and we hear ‘criminal’ and ‘basket-case’ having an argument about sex but we never see any nudity or sexual intercourse between the two characters. This makes our film suitable to be seen by anyone of the age of 15 and above.