School Safety around the world

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School Safety around the world by Mind Map: School Safety around the world

1. Rubric

2. Planning guide

3. Research Documentation

4. Video Script

5. Frayer Map

5.1. Spruha 1

5.1.1. Spruha 2

5.2. Nora 1

5.2.1. Nora 2

6. Overarching Question/s

6.1. Are schools safe enough and how can we make them?

7. Website links

8. In school


8.1.1. VIETNAM, kids learn without books or electricity.

8.1.2. BRAZIL Floating school on Amazon River Bank.

8.1.3. BURUNDI School packed with many kids.

8.2. CRC

8.2.1. Article 28 "You have the right to a good quality education. You should be encouraged to go to school to the highest level you can." This is the reason kids go to school in such harsh conditions, because they are inspired and encouraged.

9. What we can do

9.1. Once the broken bridge went viral, it got fixed.

9.1.1. If we can let ppl know about a topic, they will help. "Pioneers like Safe Kids Worldwide have been piloting" From page 27, THE CHANGE BEGINS HERE "an impact." Companies get the word around

10. GREAT Resource from UNICEF

10.1. healthy and safe schools

11. Video links

11.1. More links

11.1.1. Link