Vocabulary unite: 1

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Vocabulary unite: 1 by Mind Map: Vocabulary unite: 1

1. studying at university

1.1. assigment

1.1.1. cheat course continuous assessment

1.2. degree

1.2.1. fail grade/mark graduate

1.3. notes

1.3.1. pass research resit

1.4. tutor

1.4.1. tutorial undergraduate

2. life at university

2.1. become independent

2.1.1. extra curricular activities

2.2. hall of residence

2.2.1. make new friends

2.3. student facilities

2.3.1. student loan student abroad

3. do and make

3.1. do: an assignment, an exam, a course, homework, the shopping, the washing, chores, well, your best, a favor, business,sort,your hait

3.2. make: the dinner, a cake, a decision, a noise, friends, a mistake, an appointment, an excuse, money, progress, a phone call, a promise, an offer, a suggestion