Scheduling tools

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Scheduling tools by Mind Map: Scheduling tools

1. Quartz

1.1. A lot of configuration / code needed

1.2. not an easy way to make scheduled jobs interact / chaining

1.3. persistent job stores / job serialization

1.4. lots of documentation

2. Spring Integration

2.1. can use Quartz as a backing mechanism

2.2. is restricting the implementation to its abstractions

2.3. a lot of libraries already integrated by the virtue of Spring (like Spring Boot)

2.4. documentation

2.5. pre-approved

2.6. allows deployment as a single jar

3. jBatchEngine

3.1. not maintained since 2006

4. java.concurrency

4.1. not recommended to work with raw threading

4.2. pre-approved

4.3. ExecutorService is available since java 1.7

5. cron4j

5.1. no abstractions of the threading. uses raw Runnable

6. akka

6.1. fault tolerant in a multi-tenant environment. can run a tenant in a separate JVMs

6.2. threading abstraction model

6.3. akka-http - not the most familiar way of doing REST

6.4. requires extensive testing because of type safety

6.5. if using become it's a debug hell (so don't use it)

6.6. single implementation pattern (skill to learn)

6.7. not approved

7. redhat fuse

7.1. vendor / technology lock-in

7.2. overkill? (430 Mb just to start. do we need communication with any other processes?)

7.3. management of OSGI dependencies

8. obsidian

8.1. costs money in a non single-node environment

9. jetlang

9.1. implements Actor Model

9.2. in-memory inter-actor messaging model

9.3. actual scheduling will still need to be implemented in some other way

10. parallel universe: Quasar

10.1. same thing as akka but way worse