7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone

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7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone by Mind Map: 7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone

1. 1. The first word flood gates

1.1. Every stranger comes with opportunity

1.2. Just SAY IT!

1.3. Once you have said the first word, the rest flows!

1.4. Hi, Hey, Hello...

1.5. Gather enthusaism

1.6. Smile!

2. 2. Skip the small talk

2.1. Biggest challenge?

2.2. Ask a really personal question!

2.2.1. People are willing to share!

2.2.2. JUST ASK!

2.2.3. Answers are always unique/ personal

2.3. Where do you come from and where do your family live?

2.3.1. Music

2.3.2. Family

2.3.3. Life

2.3.4. Relationships!

2.4. What starts with a hello, can end in a marriage proposal!

2.4.1. Warning!

3. 3. Find the 'me-too's'

3.1. Don't kill the conversation!

3.2. Find a common interest

3.3. Powerful!

3.4. What could you have in common with a stranger?!

3.4.1. Same place, same time...

4. 4. Pay a unique compliment!

4.1. People may not remember what you said, but they remember how you made them FEEL

4.2. Give someone a UNIQUE compliment!

4.3. Stay away from "nice, cool, beautiful..."

4.4. Don't have to lie!

5. 5. Ask for an opinion

5.1. Opens up 2 way street

5.2. Real communication begins

5.3. Don't ask something difficult, or intimidating

5.4. Generic

5.5. LISTEN to the opinion

5.5.1. Listen to listen

6. 6. Be present

6.1. Stay off your phone!


6.3. BE in the conversation

6.4. Make eye contact

6.4.1. Where the magic happens!

7. 7. Name, place, animal, thing

7.1. Remember the details!

7.1.1. Thier Name!

7.1.2. Say it back to them Makes them feel important !

7.1.3. Remember little details Ask questions about them

8. A conversation is like reading a book

8.1. You can turn to any page you want

8.2. You can flip to a certain chapter

8.3. You can take your own time

8.4. 140 characters is NOT communication!

8.5. Are you going to start reaching out for books?

9. Do you know the person sitting next to you?

10. Conversations are links

10.1. Everytime you talk to someone, a metal link is formed

10.2. The link gets stronger

10.3. We constantly build new links

10.4. We create a WWW of conversation!

11. A conversation is an adventure

11.1. Opens doors

11.2. Make war

11.3. Make peace

11.4. Define who we are as humans!

11.5. Everyone is a stranger until you start talking to them

12. Talk to a stranger!

13. Radio presenter

13.1. Convince listeners

13.2. Know nothing about the audience!

13.3. Can't hear the response...

14. Malavika Varadan

14.1. TEDxBITSPilaniDubai