Finding a New Job - FREE plan, interview prep, networking, research

Find your New Job using this Mind map. Full of tips and key tasks that you can do to improve your chances of landing that great new job!Interview prep, difficult questions, best way to answer questions, checklists, on the day, how to search for a new job, how to upskill, prep CV. Read more at

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Finding a New Job - FREE plan, interview prep, networking, research by Mind Map: Finding a New Job - FREE plan, interview prep, networking, research

1. Decide on your job requirements

1.1. Identify gaps and decide plan to resolve issues

1.2. Review Job Descriptions

1.2.1. Sign-up for courses

1.2.2. Volunteer

1.2.3. Do some reading

1.2.4. Project Management Job Descriptions

1.3. Checklist

1.3.1. Responsibilities

1.3.2. Company culture what did you enjoy about your last job? what did you hate about your last job?

1.3.3. Location

1.3.4. Industry

1.3.5. Company profile size turnover FTSE

1.3.6. Salary & benefits Project Manager Salary How to research what salary you should ask for

2. CV upload and Recruitment website profiles done

2.1. CV updated

2.1.1. Spelling & grammar

2.1.2. Check dates for roles

2.1.3. Check interests

2.1.4. Latest position

2.1.5. Skills

2.1.6. Certifications

2.1.7. Awards

2.1.8. Metrics e.g. % improvement halved time to x

2.2. Recruitment sites chosen

3. Interview prep

3.1. Brush up on interview technique

3.1.1. Get recent book to pick up on new questions techniques & research Why you? 101 interview questions

3.1.2. Prepare answers for usual questions for the role you are applying for 16 Job Interview questions on Leadership 15 self-starter job interview questions Project Manager Interview questions with model answers 22 Interview questions on teamwork 13 Job Interview questions on Problem Solving 16 Job Interview questions on motivation 15 Job Interview questions on customer focus

3.1.3. Prep questions to ask them - Not what is salary? And when will I hear?

3.1.4. Prepare for competency based interviews STAR Situation Task Action Result Prepare example answers structured around STAR How to smash your interview with STAR!

3.1.5. Prep for difficult questions Where do you plan to be in 5 years? Why are you leaving? How would your colleagues describe you? What makes you laugh/angry/motivated? etc What is your biggest fault? Don't say "I can be too much of a perfectionist" this is old and too well known to be seen as honest

3.2. Day before & on the day

3.2.1. Suit ready

3.2.2. Decide on accessories - watch, jewellery

3.2.3. Car in good condition to avoid breakdowns

3.2.4. Sat Nav updated, maps printed Know where you are parking Change for parking

3.2.5. Reading done on company

3.2.6. Print JD and your CV

3.2.7. If applicable: take along good feedback, examples of work, portfolio

3.2.8. Mobile phone Details of who to ask for at reception Contact numbers of recruiter and interviewer if applicable

4. Social Media and Linkedin

4.1. Sign up for job alerts

4.2. Upgrade to job seeker account on linkedin

4.2.1. Update profile put on job seeker badge Recommendations Latest position Skills Certifications Awards Publications

4.2.2. Consider using linkedin inMessages

4.3. Follow companies of interest

4.4. Ask ex colleagues and line managers for recommendations

4.5. Update profile put on job seeker badge

5. Engage your Network

5.1. Contact recruiters you have used before

5.2. Contact preview line managers/ managers

5.3. Contact ex-colleagues

6. Useful resources

6.1. Best practice in building and motivating teams

6.2. How to Succeed in Any Interview using STAR!

6.3. How to Write a Brilliant CV

6.4. Brilliant Answers to Tough Interview Questions

6.5. Get your own copy of this Mind Map

6.6. The Work Breakdown Structure for Finding a Job

6.7. Effective communication

6.8. How to delegate

6.9. Interview Questions

6.9.1. Leadership Interview Questions

6.9.2. Teamwork Interview Questions

6.9.3. Project Manager Interview Questions

6.9.4. Customer Focus Interview Questions

6.9.5. Motivation Interview Questions

6.9.6. Problem Solving Interview Questions

6.9.7. Self-starter Interview Questions

6.10. Project Management Job Descriptions

6.10.1. Project Manager Job descriptions with applicant notes

6.10.2. Senior Project Manager

6.10.3. Project Assistant Job Description

6.10.4. Head of Project Management

6.10.5. IT Project Manager

6.10.6. Digital Project Manager Job Description

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