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Teaching Life Skills by Mind Map: Teaching Life Skills
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Teaching Life Skills

Washing Clothes

Using the Washer

Sort Clothes, Towels, Jeans, Whites, Colored Fabric, How many clothes to put in?, 2/3 full

Empty Pockets, Put trash in garbage

Turn on LG Washing Machine, Where's the Button?, Right Side

Set the Cycle, Where's the Button?, Left Side, Normal Cotton, White Setting, In a hurry?, Use "Quick Wash"

Set the Water Temperature, Where's the Button?, Left Side, Cold Water, Dark Clothes, Hot or Warm Water, For Light Clothes & White Colors

Add Detergent, Where's the Tray?, Slides out when lid is open

Push Start, Where's the Button?, Right Facing Arrow Button, Push to Begin

Completion, Beeping Sound, Open Lid, Transfer to Dryer

Using the Dryer