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Erasmus in Istanbul, Turkey by Mind Map: Erasmus in Istanbul, Turkey
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Erasmus in Istanbul, Turkey

State of Mind before departure

Eager to discover new way of life, meet new people

Economic Situation

world's 18th largest nominal GDP

Main industries: textiles, food processing, autos, electronics, tourism, mining

Economy : Hostage of political tensions and terrorism


safety (terrorist attacks)

4 courses in English

Sabanci University

Social integration

Team Sports at university every week

Meetings with Turkish students after class

Meetings with Erasmus students

Meetings with company executives

State of Mind at                     the end of the Exchange

Hoping Political & Social situation will get better in a soon future

Sad it's over, but happy it happened


adding few more cities to my travel list

Looking forwark to discovering a new culture again

having friends from all over the world

being able to communicate although I don't speak Turkish